PackM Artwork Guideline Checklist

Follow these simple rules to get the best print results for your custom packaging.

Do not Rotate the Dieline

It's crucial that this template not be flipped or altered in any way. The die line is based on the original dimension and orientation of the original template. If you flip the dieline, your artwork may appear completely different.

Color Format

We don't provide color proofing or color matching.

All designs must be created in CMYK. Please convert any images or colors that use the RGB color space. All Pantone (PMS) colors must be converted to CMYK. Pantone and Spot colors are not supported in this application.

Images are linked or Embedded

All of your images should be embedded in the PDF file of your artwork. Make sure that the images you add have the right file names. Include only the supporting files and page layout papers needed for your project.

Image Resolution

For the highest quality print, make sure the image resolution is checked. Images with a resolution of 299 dpi or lower will look pixelated and blurry when viewed at 100%.

All artwork and images must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi for optimal effects.


The minimum size for a barcode is 150%, roughly 2.2 inches in width. The height of the bars is less important for proper scanning, however we do recommend that they be at least.5" (12-inch) tall.

Converts All Text to Outlines

All fonts must be converted to outlines before we can print your custom packaging.

Make a new layer for your custom art

Use a new layer for your personalized artwork.

Make a new layer under the dieline layer in Adobe® Illustrator to insert your own design.


A 1/4" bleed is required on all sides and into the glue flap in the final artwork file. You may find dieline at

Safe Area

The margins should be no less than .125" away from dielines and scores.


Please consider increasing the font size to at least 10 for best readability. Printing fonts smaller than the recommended size may result in illegible results, especially if the font is thin.

File Format

PDFs are the preferred format for us. If you're making an art file, it's recommended to do so in a vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator, then save or export the file as a PDF before submitting it to Fantastapackus. Two-Sided Print jobs must be saved as a single PDF document, with page 1 representing the front of the printed item and page 2 representing the back.

Rich Black Color

If your art includes black, we recommend it's built as a rich black with 60 cyan (C), 40 magenta (M), 40 yellow(Y), and 100 black (K).

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