3 Reasons Why Branding Is Important for Packaging

At its most basic, packaging is designed to protect your product. Sturdy, high-quality packaging prevents your product from getting damaged while it’s moving from one point of your supply chain to the next.

At its most basic, packaging is designed to protect your product. Sturdy, high-quality packaging prevents your product from getting damaged while it’s moving from one point of your supply chain to the next.

What if packaging could do much more than just protect your products, though?

Enter: custom branded packaging. Nowadays, it’s a must for your packaging to be branded. Whether you sell your products in-store or online, you should avoid using just plain old brown cardboard packaging for your products. If you aren’t convinced that you need branded packaging, this article will change your mind.

Why is branding crucial in packaging?

Here are three reasons why you should have branded packaging:

1. It reinforces your brand identity.

Your brand identity is a vital aspect of your business. Through your brand’s identity, you tell your story, demonstrate your values, emphasize your mission, and showcase your personality as a brand. Your brand identity highlights what your brand is all about, which is why your branding needs to be consistent throughout all channels.

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Packaging can help you maintain consistent branding. Use your packaging as an extension of your brand by taking advantage of custom packaging. Place your logo and brand name at the forefront of your packaging. Doing so reinforces your brand and keeps it top of mind with consumers. Other ways you can reinforce your brand identity through packaging include:

  • Custom branded tissue paper – Branded tissue paper can serve as an exceptional choice for void fill
  • Custom branded packaging inserts Use branded inserts to keep your clients updated on your latest products and offer discount coupons.
  • Custom branded tape – Branded tape is an affordable way to add branding to your packaging.
  • “Thank You” cards – Branded and personalized “Thank You” cards are a great way to show your customers that you care about them.
  • Business cards – Insert business cards into your packages to advertise your brand and allow customers to spread the word about your brand and the products you offer.

You can go with all of these options or just choose the ones you think are right for your brand. Your choices will depend on factors such as your budget and the type of products that you offer.

2. It provides customers with a memorable unboxing experience.

Today’s consumers care more than just about the product they’re purchasing. These days, people also carefully consider the packaging of the products they buy. This is especially if you run an e-commerce brand because your customers can’t touch or look at your products the same way they touch or look at products on store shelves.

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If you run an e-commerce business, your product’s packaging is the first thing that the customer sees after they open the box that arrived on their doorstep. As such, it’s critical that your product’s packaging induce feelings of excitement and awe in your customer. The happier your customer is with your packaging, the better their overall customer experience is. A better customer experience will then lead to a much more positive perception of your brand.

Branded packaging can help you can achieve all these goals and more. Use custom branded packaging to offer your customers a unique and meaningful unboxing experience. With custom packaging, you let your customers know that you care about their satisfaction and happiness before they even use your product.

3. It elevates your digital marketing strategy.

A memorable unboxing experience can boost your digital marketing strategy and increase awareness of your brand.

How so, you ask? This is where unboxing videos come into play.

Unboxing videos are a type of user-generated content wherein people (often social media influencers) take videos of themselves opening the packages of products, showing them off to their audience, and then sharing the videos on their social media channels.

Unboxing videos have become wildly popular in recent years. According to Youtube Statistics, the second most popular type of video on the platform is product reviews and the most popular type of product review is unboxing videos. There is no doubt that your marketing efforts can significantly benefit from unboxing videos, especially if they’re made by influencers who have huge followings.

You can take advantage of the viral nature of unboxing videos by encouraging your customers to share their unboxing videos of your products and include specific hashtags related to your brand in the captions of their videos. You can also work with influencers who have a large number of followers. Send these influencers some of your products for review and ask them to share the unboxing video on their social media channels.


Do you need custom branded packaging for your small business? We can help you. At PackM, we can provide you with well-designed, customizable, durable, and sustainable packaging. We can even assist you in creating a beautiful custom design that will surely captivate your target audience. Head to our website or call us at (424) 271- 0700. Our experts will be more than happy to help you create the perfect branded packaging for your small business.

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