4 Packaging Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

In many cases, if a customer likes the packaging, they’ll buy the product even if they have no prior idea about the actual product.

Product packaging is a critical aspect of a customer’s buying decision. In many cases, if a customer likes the packaging, they’ll buy the product even if they have no prior idea about the actual product. For your product to appeal to customers, the packaging needs to stand out.

Don’t know where to start? We can help you there. Here are four creative packaging ideas that will your brand and product stand out.

1. Take advantage of patterns.

When it comes to packaging, the best thing you can do is to keep it simple. However, simple product packaging doesn’t mean boring packaging. Incorporating patterns into the design is an easy yet effective packaging idea you can try.

custom mailer box

The great thing about patterns is that there are countless options available. Patterns you can choose from include stripes (horizontal, vertical, slanted, etc.), shapes (circles, squares, etc.), and wavy irregularly-shaped lines.

Add patterns to your packaging design and create vibrant, recognizable product packaging while still keeping it simple.

2. Choose the right colors.

Colors have a significant impact on customers’ buying decisions. In fact, 84.7% of customers say that color is the primary reason they are drawn to a specific product. As such, color is one of the most crucial elements of your packaging.

Different colors evoke different emotional and psychological responses, so you need to choose the right colors for your packaging. According to an infographic created by homestead, this is how several colors can influence customers:

custom folded carton product box


  • Stimulates the body and boosts energy
  • Encourages appetite
  • Often used on food brands and products (McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, KFC, etc.)


  • Associated with respect
  • Promotes creativity
  • Often used by cosmetics brands (Laneige, L’Oreal, Nivea, etc.)


  • Associated with men and manliness
  • Promotes trust and security
  • Often used by tech or home appliance brands (Dell, IBM, General Electric, etc.)  


  • Associated with health
  • Promotes peace and tranquility
  • Used by brands to encourage environmentalism and sustainability (Whole Foods, Carlsberg, Tropicana, etc.)

By picking a color according to your target market and the emotion you want to invoke, you can design packaging that will be much more appealing to customers.

3. Use customizable materials.

Avoid putting your products inside plain brown boxes. Doing so won’t make your products noticeable and will just deter customers from buying. If you want your product to stand out, use high-quality materials that you can customize.

custom mailer box

At PackM, we can customize your product packaging design. We use high-quality, durable corrugated cardboard for our product boxes, and we can print whatever design you want on both the inside and outside of the product box. For even more customization, you can also choose from a variety of finishes such as premium white gloss, standard white, and kraft.

4. Go “green”.

The world has a massive plastic pollution problem. Single-use plastics and packaging pollute the oceans and destroy the environment. Despite the pollution it causes, many brands still use single-use packaging. Avoid doing the same things that most brands do. Prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness when you design your product packaging.

sustainable packaging

Putting sustainability at the forefront doesn’t just help more pollution, it also allows you to attract more customers. More consumers than ever before are embracing eco-friendly practices, and according to the 2021 Global Buying Green Report, about 67% of consumers consider sustainable or recyclable packaging an important factor in the products they buy.

However, using sustainable packaging materials isn’t enough. If you really want to go “green”, then you should create reusable packaging. Your customers will be more attracted to your product if it has the prospect of “free packaging” or “free container” attached to it.


If you need custom product boxes that stand out, we can help you. At PackM, we are ready to help with all your custom packaging needs. We can provide you with well-designed, high-quality, and sustainable custom product packaging. We can even assist you in creating your custom design. Head to our website or call us at (424) 271- 0700. Our experts will be more than happy to help you create the perfect packaging for your small business.

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