5 Reasons Why Packaging Is Important For Your Brand

Packaging is the first thing that a customer sees. Whether browsing in the store or ordering online, customers unbox the packaging to get to the product.

Packaging is the first thing that a customer sees. Whether browsing in the store or ordering online, customers unbox the packaging to get to the product. Most of the time, the packaging is what the customers interact with first before making any buying decisions.

Packaging is a powerful part of a brand that helps to create a positive first impression. It allows brands to use designs that differentiate themselves and tell a story. Most importantly it protects the product from external damages. In many aspects, the packaging is an important part of any brand.

Here, we explain why packaging is important for your brand so you have all the information you need to start creating your product packaging.

1. Protection

First and foremost, packaging was designed to protect products from damages that could happen during the shipping and handling process. Based on the type of packaging, it could protect the products from external factors and damages. Therefore, it is important to choose the type of packaging that fits the type of products your brand offers. For example, for fragile or perishable products, it's best to use shipping boxes with a higher flute. This sturdier and thicker type of shipping box provides better protection and more room to add box fillers and protective elements.

2. Brand Identity

As mentioned, the packaging is the first point of interaction from the customer’s point of view. Most of the time, customers remember the packaging more than the products themselves. Having packaging that represents your brand and creates a memorable image is the key to selling more products. Custom packaging allows brands to create a unique persona and brand identity. Take a look at major successful brands such as Apple. The minimalist white packaging is universally known. When seeing the packing you can already recognize that the product is from the Apple family.

custom mailer box

Create a packaging that represents your brand, is unique to your brand, and has key design elements that leave a memorable mark for the customers.

3. Tells a Story

An impactful packaging design always tells a story. Your packaging is a canvas to draw your brand history, beliefs and to tell a story. This is the opportunity to connect to your consumer by expressing the beliefs and values that go beyond the products that you offer.

The materials you use show your environmental values, such as sustainable packaging. The messages and quotes you include inside and outside of the packaging is another way to share your values and connect with your customer.

Use your brand colors, logo, and values to create packaging that tells a story. A story that connects with the customer from the second they see the packaging. A story that differences your brand from others.

4. Differentiate your Brand

Most customers don’t have the time to read and compare all the advantages and disadvantages of brands before making the buying decision. Therefore, they buy the brand that catches their attention first. Product packaging directly influences buyers’ decisions. 72% of Americans agree that the design of a product’s packaging often influences their purchase decision.

custom cookie box

Successful packing helps you stand out from other brands with similar products and it impacts the sales of your products.

5. It’s an Experience

Unboxing is an important factor in the customer buying experience. With the growing popularity of unboxing videos throughout the last few years, consumers are looking to experience unboxings that are social media worthy. They are looking to gain that exciting feeling as they would get opening a gift on their birthday or Christmas.

custom packaging

Creating packaging that delivers an unforgettable unboxing experience is important for brands marketing and recognition. If the customer is happy with the unboxing experience, they are most likely to capture it and share it on social media platforms.

An unforgettable unboxing experience makes the customers feel special and connect with your products. Create a packaging that is unique in design and experience.

Create Your Packaging

Now that you understand the importance of packaging, it is time to start creating your design. Choose the type of box you need, create your design, add accessories and make it personal. Use PackM’s 3D technology to create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers.

With our services, you can create the packaging of your dreams. Our design experts are here to help you and your brand to stand out. Head to PackM.com or call us at (424) 271- 0700 and our expert will help you to create your custom packaging design.

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