How to Create an Effective Custom Packaging Design

Custom packaging is an important part of a brand that allows you to tell your story and create a first impression beyond your products.

Custom packaging is an important part of a brand that allows you to tell your story and create a first impression beyond your products. It only takes few seconds for consumers to form a first impression, so there’s no room for mistakes. To achieve this, one must create packaging that covers all the necessary aspects of a perfect custom packaging. To help you with this process, we have gathered all the tips you should know to create an effective custom packaging design for your brand.

Design With Product in Mind

Before anything, a successful packaging must be useful and protective of the product inside. Take a look at what products your business offers, and chose the type of box that functions the best. The last thing you want to happen is a customer receives products that are damaged or missing. This will cost you a lot of refunds and could be very harmful to the brand’s reputation. Take a quick look at our guide and choose the packaging that is a great balance of protective packaging and eye-catching design.

custom design mailer box

Box Types & Sizes:

When choosing the box type, first keep in mind that there are product packaging and outer packaging. Product packaging holds the product and contains useful and important information. These can be general cardboard boxes, paper boxes, tubes, and more.

custom mailer box

The outer packaging is the boxes that are used to ship products or use as a display box. Mailer boxes are the most common outer packaging box type amongst e-commerce and retail businesses. However, if you have products that are larger, heavier, or fragile, shipping boxes are a safer option.

branded mailer box

When it comes to sizing, keep your products in mind and order sizes and shapes of boxes that match the dimensions of your products. This will allow you to reduce the cost of shipping and excess box fillers.

Design With Customers in Mind

After choosing the type of box, it is now time to start the design process. Before designing, take a look at your target audience and the customer type who buys your products and services. At the end of the day, you need to create packaging that pleases the eyes of your audience and those in their circle. Research your target audience and learn about their likes and dislikes. Create a packaging that is appealing and fits their taste.

Stick to a Theme

Branding is very important when it comes to standing out and being recognized. Create a custom packing that is based on your brand theme and values. Use the same fonts, logos, and colors of your brand. Create a design that matches the aesthetic and the values of your brand. For example, if you selling reusable metal straws and value sustainability, you should keep the same theme going with your packing. Use minimal and sustainable designs that represent your product. Utilize the packaging design to tell your brand story and deliver a unique unboxing experience.

Differentiate Your Packaging

An effective packaging is unique and always stands out amongst the competitors. Research your competitor’s designs and try to avoid the same elements that they use. It is often useful to also get inspiration too. Focus on what makes you and your products different and implement that into your design. It is not always about the loudest and brightest designs. It’s about creating a new concept that is appealing to the consumer.

custom design mailer box

Design a multipurpose packing, not only for packing the products, but also for unboxing, displaying, and capturable moments. Most successful packagings deliver an experience that is worthy to be shared on social media and with friends. This type of packaging allows the audience to engage with the brand and create an online community. It is also a great form of consumer-generated content that can help with brand recognition and capturing new customers.

Add Some Details

Adding accessories to custom packaging can help a lot in delivering an enhanced unboxing experience. Paper tissues are a great example of functional and visual addition. They give an extra layer of protection to the brand and add another element of design. Other accessories such as thank you cards, allow you to add personal notes and appreciate your customers for doing business with you. There are plenty of accessories to chose from, use details that allow you to enhance the custom packing design based on your brand.

Box it Up

It is not an easy task to create the most effective custom packaging design. Therefore, we are here to help. After reading all the tips and gathering all the information about your brand, head to our website to start your designs journey.

Our 3D design software will allow you to bring your design to life. If you already have your design ready, upload it as a PDF and start the process. No design, no problem. With our 3D technology, you can upload your logo and images, add text, shapes and preview your box in 3D in real-time. Do you want to go all out? Contact our design team and they will help you create your winning design.

No matter your budget and design idea, you can create your dream designs here with us. We pride ourselves on helping businesses achieve their packaging dreams. Head to or call us at (424) 271- 0700 and our expert will help you to create your custom packaging design.

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