How to Level Up Your Bakery Packaging

Katie Lubeck shares how to stand out in the bakery and cookie industry using custom packaging!

When it comes to running a small business, the details are just as important as the big picture. When I started Cookie Art KC, I really only focused on two things: making my cookies taste good and making them pretty.

Branding and Packaging

As my business grew, I learned that there is much, much more to it! I wanted, and needed, to create a brand that set my cookies apart and would be easily recognizable. One of the most important aspects of creating a brand is the packaging something that is sometimes overlooked but shouldn’t be. When creating an experience for customers, their first impression of your physical products often comes from your packaging.

Custom Cookie Boxes
Custom Cookie Boxes

Clean, attractive, custom packaging is the starting point for an impactful first impression, and that’s what I was looking for when I teamed up with PackM. Using their interactive design software, I was able to create custom cookie boxes and labels using my logo and brand colors. Unlike many places that offer packaging solutions, everything from PackM was completely customizable- right down to the box dimensions! This detail in particular was incredibly helpful, as I had been unable to find industry-standard boxes that fit my needs. Once I settled on the box size and designed the layout, their design software allowed me to preview the box in 3-D from every angle. I was able to see how my design fit on each side and easily adjust, move, and resize as needed.

Custom Packaging Labels

Circle Roll Labels
Circle Roll Labels

In addition to boxes, I also ordered custom labels. These are my biggest branding and advertising tools, as each individually wrapped cookie gets a sticker on the bag. This means that at an event, each person who picks up a cookie is able to immediately know where they came from. This expands my reach to potential customers exponentially. In an industry that is very event-focused, having items individually labeled with your branding is essential. Individual baked goods like cookies, candy, and cupcakes find their way into the hands of so many different people at a single event; not labeling each one is essentially leaving advertising, clients, and money on the table.

If you’re a small business owner and are considering custom packaging, I encourage you to check out PackM. They have an impressively wide variety of packaging and branding solutions that will elevate your customer’s experience, your brand’s visibility, and the reach of your company. Take advantage of the creative products and excellent customer service they offer you won’t regret it!

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