How to Make Your Packaging More Memorable!

Reggie Design Co shares useful packaging design tips and the secret to making a lasting first impression!

What's the first thing you notice when you get something in the mail? If you're like me, you probably see the packaging first, but how many packages do you open a day with cute packaging? Close to none!

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with PackM to create my personalized shipping boxes. It was such a wonderful experience and was so easy.

Now let's get into ways you can make your packaging more memorable!

1: Get custom boxes or mailers

Your customer will first see the box or mailer; you want this experience to be unique. You can go to Pack M's website and download the guidelines to design your custom packaging. I import the guides into procreate and then import them back to PackM to see my design in 3D before ordering! Being able to see my design in 3D helps me visualize what it will look like in real life.

custom mailer box
custom mailer box

2: Include some sort of a thank you card

I've been running my business for almost 2.5 years, and I've gone through different thank-you cards. Here are a few ideas :)

A thank you card that doubles as a free art print. This is an excellent way for your customer to keep your thank-you card and be reminded of your business. Make sure to thank your customer and ask them to leave a review!

A sticker sheet as a freebie/ thank-you card is a great way to thank your customers. I designed a thank you card with a sticker in the middle and asked my manufacturer to cut around the sticker only. My customers love this!

If you have the time or love being extra, design a thank-you card where one side is blank and write your customer a sweet note. Customers will love this because they will feel extra special.

personalized thank you cards
personalized thank you cards

3: Include a coupon code!

If you were considering buying something and it went on sale, would you be more inclined to checkout? Yes, you would. If your customer falls in love with your products and sees a coupon code, they will be more incentivized to checkout. PackM has flat cards that are 3x3 which is the perfect size to include in your orders!

4: Brand everything!

Please make sure everything you are selling has your logo on it somewhere. I'm one of those people who shop small for birthdays and holidays, and I've bought so many things from small businesses that I need help remembering where I bought something from. The only time I remember was when the small business included its logo on the item I purchased.

Here are a few ways to do this.
If you sell clothing or bags, you can buy screen print transfers with your logo on them! Iron them on to reveal your logo.
If you sell stickers, try ordering small stickers from PackM for the back of your stickers. I make the little stickers around .5x.5.
If you sell jewelry or other accessories, packM has header cards that you can staple to the bags.

5: Last but not least, order some branded tissue paper!

You can package almost anything with tissue paper, making your package stand out! ( Also, the cuter it is, the more likely someone will share it to social media <3 )

I hope you learned something from this blog post! If you have any questions, you can reach out to me on Instagram @ReggieDesignCo or email me at!

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