Why Choose PackM for Your Small Business Packaging

Mel's Crafty Corner shares her experience and explains why small businesses should use custom packaging!

As small business owners, we like everything to go together, look cohesive, and ultimately save costs! I have been making my own branding materials at home since the beginning of my small business journey which started nearly two years ago. In recent months I found it challenging to keep up with the physicality of making everything by hand. I felt like I was always running out of something, my materials were not looking cohesive, and was ultimately wasting my time and energy. That is why I decided it was about time I outsourced some of my branding material, especially with the craze of the holidays and with the way my business is growing.

I knew I wanted a new thank you card, handing tags, and a coupon card. I also knew I wanted to utilize as much of the space as I could! As I mentioned before it was important for me to utilize as much space as possible to minimize waste. I know as a customer I hate when brands send unnecessary amounts of cards and information. Utilizing your space not only allows you to save money but also saves your customer a headache. That’s why I love that PackM has these features and it doesn’t break the bank! I also appreciate the different paper styles to choose from to fit your needs! I opted to utilize recycled matte paper for all of my projects! I love a matte finish but the fact that I am also helping the environment by using recycled paper makes me feel better about it! That and utilizing the front and back … GOLDEN!

Here is how I achieved my branding needs with just 3 Flat Cards from Pack M.


Prior to this experience, I was handwriting all of my thank you cards, which I loved doing and thought it added a personal touch. But as I am growing, making thoughtful hand-written notes again takes time. Oftentimes the card gets thrown out so I wanted to think of ways that will help minimize this. I took the front and designed an inspirational art print that my customers can hang on their wall, put in a picture frame, hang in their locker, etc.

The actual thank you card itself I typed up is generalized, but heartfelt using a handwritten font. I left some space at the top so I can write my customer's name and some space at the bottom to sign and write any other notes.

4” x 6” 100 lb Recycled Matte Cover Paper


Since all the apparel in my shop is handmade with love, I want to include special care instructions so it can last the test of time. I utilized the back to have my care instructions for my garment and the front for my brand logo! So when I go and tag a t-shirt, the front has my logo and the back has my instructions!

3” x3” 100 lb Recycled Matte Cover Paper


Branding isn’t complete without a call to action! Another way I like to have my beautiful customers feel appreciated is by adding a special coupon card they can use the next time they shop at my store! The front has a little note with the coupon code and for the back, I decided to add a QR code that links directly to my website! Making it easier for your customers to come back and shop again! I tuck these into a little pouch where I have their freebies and accessories ordered! That way I know they will see it because it has their goodies!

4” x 4” 100 lb Recycled Matte Cover Paper

Overall, I was very impressed with how easy it was for me to step up my branding materials! Without ever doing something like this in the past, I was nervous that it wouldn’t be everything I needed it to be. But PackM showed up and gave me everything I ever wanted! The quality is unmatched, the color matching is on point, and their customer service is exquisite. Having a one-stop shop for all my packing and branding needs is ESSENTIAL for us small business owners! I don't know about you, but I hate having to shop multiple different websites to get everything I need. And the fact that you are able to 10000% customize everything is a beautiful thing!

You and your small business are uniquely yours. Now is the time to show off your brand and personality with PackM.

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