Mailer Box

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Popular for e-commerce & subscription

Easy-to-assemble one-piece design

Shipping-ready & crash-resistant see more

Box Options & Prices

Interior Size

3 to 22

3 to 35

1.01 to 9


1 to 200000


Download dieline

Custom Size

Box for anything from a diamond ring to a mattress.

Quantity 1+

No minimum order quantity. Order one or thousands.

Design in 3D

Design online or upload PDF. Interactive 3D preview.

High Quality

Best in class full color digital printing.

$30 Sample

Get a box with your own design, delivered for free.

Live Support

Customer service is one mouse click or phone call away.

Single Box Sample with your design for Only $30!

Do you need a single box sample to prototype for print quality and accurate size dimensions?
Not a worry, PackM offers single unit box orders at just $30.

3 ways to design your packaging

PackM makes it easy to get a great custom mailer box design for first-time packaging buyers, professional packaging designers, and everyone in between.

Design online

Best for do-it-yourselfers

Design online in PackM design editor. Upload logo and images, add text, shapes and preview your box in 3D in real time.

Upload Logo & Images
Rich text formatting
Backrounds, shapes & patterns
Instant 3D preview

Upload your design

Best for graphic designers

Download instant dieline template in PDF format, open it in Adobe Illustrator and add your own custom design.

Sophisticated layout
Custom fonts
3rd party designer

Design by PackM

Best for busy entrepreneurs

Get in touch via chat or phone, upload your files, and PackM design team will create a complimentary design for you.

Experienced designer
Unlimited revisions
Editable design
Satisfaction guaranteed

Packaging Materials

PackM offers the most popular materials — Standard White Matte, Premium White Glossy and Kraft — that can be used in a wide range of packaging applications.

Standard White (Matte)

Thinner matte paper for full color printing
Available as B Flute (1/8") and E Flute (1/16")

Premium White (Glossy)

Thicker glossy paper makes colors brighter
Available as B Flute (1/8") and E Flute (1/16")


Most natural color and texture
Available as B Flute (1/8") and E Flute (1/16")

Printed Sides

PackM offers boxes printed Outside, Inside or Outside & Inside. If you need blank boxes, get in touch.


Full color printing


Full color printing

Outside & Inside

Full color printing

Set Your Brand Apart with Custom Mailer Boxes

With the perfect packaging, custom-made to suit your product needs, your product is guaranteed to not only look even more presentable, but also feels good to unbox. The custom mailer box is designed according to your exact specifications, increasing your presentation value by making sure that the packaging matches the product.

Customize Mailer Boxes Online

Get creative with our easy-to-use “Design Online” feature and design your box using 3D modeling. With our in-site application, you can select from a wide variety of templates or choose to start from scratch. You can freely configure the dimensions and material of the box (standard white, premium white, and kraft), as well as the print design on both the inside and outside of the box. And the best part? Adding more designs and creating a greater print space won’t cost you more, so you can get as creative as you want. Alternatively, if you already have a prepared design, you can simply upload it to personalize your box. After making your finishing touches, you can order samples to make sure that your box looks and feels perfect.

Keep Your Items Secure

These roll end front tuck custom mailer boxes are perfect for both shipping and standing out on the shelf. Your products will remain safe in transit, with the use of durable corrugated cardboard, giving you peace of mind with another satisfied customer. The Mailer Box can be used for a variety of products, ranging from e-commerce orders, electronics, and beauty products to subscription boxes and promotional kits.

Mailer Box FAQ

What is the minimum order size?

1 box.

Where are mailer boxes printed?

All mailer boxes are produced in the United States. To minimize shipping cost, PackM produces boxes at the facility closest to the shipping destination.

Is it easy to assemble a mailer box?

Mailer box is one easiest types of boxes to assemble. PackM ships printed mailer boxes flat and ready for assembly. It takes a 3-10 seconds to fold, snap and tuck a mailer box.

How to choose a mailer box size?

Measure what goes inside the box, add 0.125" for a snug fit, or 0.25" for comfortable fit. Box dimensions are interior, so you don't have to worry about thickness of the material. If you leave less space, your content might not fit. If you add more that 0.25" then some void fill materials—such as bubble wrap, foam rolls or packing paper—might be required to fill out the remaining space and protect your box content.

Can I get a sample of my box before placing a full order?

Yes! It's very common to order a sample of box, especially if it's a first order. PackM offers a low all-inclusive price of $30 for 1 sample box with your custom specs and design, with free shipping in the United States. Configure your product and select quantity = 1 to order a sample. Most samples are produced and shipped within 2-5 business days.

Can I use a mailer box as a subscription box?

Yes! Using mailer boxes as subscription boxes is one of many use cases. Mailer boxes are perfect choice for a subscription box, because it's easy to assemble, very sturdy and can be made in a wide range of sizes, from 3x3x1 to 18x18x7 inches. In addition to subscription boxes, mailers are often used for shipping gifts, promo kits, e-commerce orders etc.

How to design a mailer box?

Easy! PackM offers 3 ways to design a great mailer box.

You can design it online in PackM design editor and view interactive 3D preview of your box as you design. Upload your logo and images, add text and shapes, use any color you want.

I have a logo. Can you help me design my mailer box?

The fast and free solution is to design your box online. Select size, material and click design online above.

The slower but still free is to ask PackM designer to create a box design.

Does PackM check my files?

Yes! PackM checks 100% of customer files (both designed online, and uploaded) to make sure that everything is ready for printing. Every file is carefully inspected by packaging prepress expert. PackM can make micro-adjustments to meet specific production equipment requirements.

How can I pay for my order?

PackM accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other popular payment cards. PackM doesn't store customer credit card data, and uses industry-leading payment processor - Braintree, a PayPal service - to process payments. Braintree secure and advanced technology makes it possible for PackM customers to save their credit card information for future use (even in those cases PackM doesn't have access to customer payment info and doesn't store it on its servers). If you need a payment method that PackM doesn't yet offer, please contact customer service.

What parts of the box are printable?

100% of the box surface is printable. Outside printing covers outside top, bottom, left, right, front and back sides, as well as inside left and right (because those parts are actually outside folded inside the box). Inside printing covers inside top, bottom, front and back (left and right panels are covered and usually don't have any meaningful design elements).

Do more colors and bigger print area cost more?

No. More colors and bigger print area will cost the same. PackM encourages its customers to use as many colors as you want.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. PackM charges customers for printing and shipping cost, plus collects taxes (we don't keep them).

Do I get a discount if I order more?

Yes. The more you order, the lower is your unit price (price of one box). PackM is happy to pass savings to customers, when it costs us less.

Can I order a blank mailer box?

Yes. Choose design online option, add it to cart, and place an order.

When will I receive my boxes?

Yes. Most orders are produced and shipped within 4-15 business days.

Can I reorder my boxes?

Yes. You can reorder as-is, or change design, specs, quantity.

Price Match

PackM beats any price! If you find a lower quote from a competitor for the same products and specifications, email us the quote and not only we will match it, but we will beat it by at least 1%