Rectangle Labels

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  • Directly Label Your Product
  • Add to Compliment Your Box
  • Countless Shapes and Sizes Available
  • Durable & Weather Resistant Material Options
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Graphic Design

Reach out to our Live Chat and take advantage of this complementary offering. Whether you need help adjusting print-ready files or need overall support properly adding artwork to our dielines.

Shapes and Sizes

Variety of shapes and sizes


0.75" diameter
1" diameter
1.5" diameter
2" diameter
2.5" diameter
3" diameter


0.75 x 1.5"
1.5 x 2.5"
2 x 3"
3 x 4"


0.5 x 1"
0.5 x 2"
0.75 x 1.5"
1 x 2"
1.5 x 2.5"
1.5 x 2


1 x 1"
1.5 x 1.5"
2 x 2"
2.5 x 2.5'
3 x 3'
4 x 4"


PackM offers most popular materials β€” White Plastic, Clear Plastic, White Vinyl and White Paper

White Plastic (BOPP)

This glossy biaxially-oriented polypropylene material (film) is suitable for indoor applications. It is .0026" thick and backed with a general purpose, permanent adhesive. This material is resistant to water and oils. Since it is not 100% opaque, it will not cover any surface with high-contrast text, unless you utilize dark ink for your labels.

Clear Plastic (BOPP)

This clear biaxially-oriented polypropylene material is resistant to water and oils, making it suitable for bath and body products, food containers, and other indoor applications. This label is .002" thick and backed with a general purpose, permanent adhesive. Since it's clear, only the printed text/graphics appear, and not the label itself.

White Vinyl

This durable material (film) is .0034" thick and backed with a general purpose, permanent adhesive. Suitable for outdoor applications, as it provides resistance against different weather conditions. This material may not be opaque enough to cover any surface with high-contrast text, unless you utilize dark ink for your labels.

White Paper

This material is matte, white, and textured. A great option for wine labels, gourmet foods and beverages. It is a durable material with a permanent adhesive, but not as durable or water-resistant as BOPP.

Unwind Direction

Top, Bottom, Left, Right






What is the minimum order size?

1 roll = 250 labels

Make Your Mark with Custom Roll Labels

Roll Labels are a standard of a quality product for every business. Make sure your packaging stands the quality test by elevating it with a custom roll label, and show consumers what your product is about with your branded label design to stand out from the crowd. Get brand exposure in a cost-effective way by creating and employing your designs for your own labels.

Customize your Roll Labels Online

Get creative with our easy-to-use β€œDesign Online” feature and design your roll label exactly the way you want it. With our in-site application, you can select from a wide variety of templates or choose to start from scratch. Print them as circle labels, square labels, oval labels or rectangle labels, and choose either white plastic, clear plastic, white vinyl, or white paper as the material. You can even choose the orientation and unwinding direction to suit your needs. Alternatively, if you already have a prepared design, you can simply upload it and select the proper dimensions to customize your roll label.

Add Value to Your Products

The right roll label design can give your product the right push towards standing out, rather than blending in. With your custom design, you can make sure that your product looks as appealing as possible. Roll Labels are often used for product packaging, such as labels on shampoo containers, jars, cups, cans, soap bars and more, but they can also be used to mark premium products, indicate quality, label items on sale, or even as warranty seals to ensure that a box has never been opened. Your custom label will not only increase your product quality, but will also set your brand apart from the rest.