About PackM

Custom packaging made simple
Founded in 2020, PackM is a technology company founded by print industry veterans with the goal of providing agency-level packaging design and printing. Our eCommerce and 3D design technologies enable users, from DIY business owners (B2B) to professional graphic designers (B2B2B) to solopreneurs, to create custom packaging directly on our website – all while seeing pricing and turnaround options in real-time.

Design. Create. Liberate.
We know you want to look great in front of your customers through your packaging, that is why we created a tool that will help you design your brand efficiently. Design your products using our one-of-a-kind 3D design creator or have one of our specialists do the work for you. Unleash your creativity with your own elements or utilize the wide variety of clip arts, shapes, sizes, and colors readily available for you. Create the custom packaging you’ve always imagined and confidently deliver your goal of representing your brand effectively.
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