Everything You Need to Know About Candle Packaging

Learn about why candle packaging, shipping and design are important for any small candle business owners.

Candles hold a special place in people's hearts, evoking happy memories from birthdays, and enhancing various experiences from moments of relaxation. They simply are perfect gifts and additions to special occasions. 

custom candle mailer box
custom candle mailer box

For candle-selling companies, making sure the packaging is secure is essential to ensure the products reach customers intact. However, beyond protection, the packaging also plays a pivotal role in differentiating your brand from competitors and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

In this article, we will look at how you can package your candles and ship them safely. You’ll also learn the different candle types, the best packaging for each, as well as designing them.

What are the common types of candles?

Taper Candles: These long, slim candles have a pointy tip and are used in candlesticks or candelabras for fancy occasions or religious events.

Pillar Candles: Sturdy, stand-alone candles that come in different sizes. They can be used as decorations or to create a cozy mood with their soft light.

Votive Candles: Small, short candles that go into special holders. People use them for meditation, spiritual purposes, or as decorations.

Tea Light Candles: Small, round candles that fit in tiny holders. They're popular for creating a warm and cozy feeling.

Jar Candles: Candles poured into heat-resistant glass jars. They come in various sizes and scents, and the jar keeps the melted wax contained for a longer burn time.

Scented Candles: Candles with added fragrances like flowers or fruits. They make a room smell nice and add to the atmosphere.

Floating Candles: These candles are made to float on water and are used in decorative bowls or pools to create a magical and peaceful setting.

Gel Candles: Candles made from a clear, jelly-like material. They often have pretty objects like seashells inside.

Beeswax Candles: Candles made from natural beeswax, which gives off a subtle honey-like smell and a warm, bright flame.

Soy Candles: Candles made from soybean oil, a greener and longer-lasting option compared to regular candles.

Birthday Candles: Small, colorful candles used to decorate birthday cakes. Some are shaped like numbers or cute figures.

Why is packaging important for candles?

Candles are delicate and can break or melt easily if not packaged properly. It's important to choose high-quality packaging to protect them during shipping and prevent broken or melted candles.

There are different materials for candle packaging:

Kraft Paper: Sturdy and flexible, suitable for light and heavy candles in various shapes.

Cardboard: Compressed premium sheets create strong and durable boxes, ideal for shipping candles.

Corrugated: The toughest option, perfect for delicate and sensitive candles during long-distance shipping.

These materials can be molded into different shapes and sizes and can be reused and recycled. Using eco-friendly packaging materials makes your brand look good and improves how people see you, especially those who care about the environment. Eco-friendly packaging can be used again and recycled, which reduces waste and helps the environment. It's also versatile and can be used for different things like gifts or storage. Being honest about the materials you use builds trust with customers. They like knowing that you're doing your part to be environmentally friendly. So, using eco-friendly packaging is a win-win for your brand and the planet. Check out PackM’s eco-friendly custom boxes here.

How do you ship candles safely to your customers?

As online candle business owners, shipping your candles safely to customers is not only crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction but also for growing your brand and establishing a good reputation. The process of packaging and shipping candles requires special care and attention due to their delicate nature. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you ensure that your candles arrive in pristine condition, delighting your customers with a memorable unboxing experience.

Choose Durable Packaging Materials: The first step to secure shipping is selecting the right packaging materials. Opt for sturdy options like mailer boxes, shipping boxes or product boxes that can protect your candles from external shocks during transit. These materials provide a robust barrier against damage and ensure that your candles reach your customers intact.

custom candle product boxes
custom candle product boxes

Use Dividers and Soft Fillers: To prevent multiple candles from colliding and potentially causing damage, consider using dividers inside the shipping box. These dividers create individual compartments for each candle, minimizing the risk of breakage. Additionally, fill any empty spaces with soft box fillers like tissue paper, hex wrap, or biodegradable packing peanuts to prevent movement and provide extra cushioning.

custom candle thank you cards
custom candle thank you cards

Securely Fasten the Box: Properly sealing the shipping box is vital to avoid accidental openings during transit. Use sustainable packing tape or opt for mailers with built-in adhesive to securely fasten the box. This will ensure that your candles are safe and protected throughout their journey to the customer.

custom candle packaging tape
custom candle packaging tape

Consider Temperature: Temperature plays a significant role in shipping candles, especially during hot weather. Heat can cause candles to melt, resulting in a messy and unsatisfactory delivery. To prevent melting, use air pillows and consider adding a packaging cold pack to keep the candles cool during transit. These precautions will ensure that your customers receive candles in perfect condition, even in warmer climates.

Choose the Right Shipping Method: Selecting the most suitable shipping method is essential for cost-effectiveness and timely deliveries. Evaluate the weight, size, and destination of your packages to determine the best shipping option. 

Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience: In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, creating a memorable unboxing experience can set your brand apart and foster customer loyalty. Consider using unique packing materials, custom artwork on the candle packaging and adding custom thank you cards to add a personal touch to your shipments. This thoughtful attention to detail can leave a lasting impression on your customers, making them more likely to recommend your brand to others.

candle mailer box
candle mailer box

Use Custom Labels: Enhancing your brand's aesthetic is crucial for building brand recognition and loyalty. Utilize custom labels for the candles, incorporating your brand colors and logo to create a cohesive and visually appealing packaging design. Materials like tissue paper, custom packaging tape and roll labels can elevate your candle packaging, making it stand out and leaving a positive impression on customers.

custom candle tissue paper and thank you card
custom candle tissue paper and thank you card

Prioritize Sustainability: With growing consumer awareness of environmental issues, incorporating sustainable practices into your packaging and shipping can resonate with customers and attract environmentally-conscious buyers. Consider using eco-friendly packaging materials and explore reusable, compostable, or recycled options to minimize your brand's environmental impact.

Test and Optimize Packaging: Periodically test different packaging methods to identify the most effective and cost-efficient option for your candles. Whipped Bath Co., a brand that sells candles as well as bath and body products, says that having low minimum order quantities is great. Having a low minimum order requirement for boxes lets you try different designs and box types to see which ones work best for your customers. Analyze customer feedback and monitor shipping costs to optimize your packaging strategy and continuously improve the shipping experience for your customers.

By following these comprehensive tips and best practices, you can confidently ship your candles to customers, ensuring a positive and delightful experience that builds brand loyalty and propels your online candle business to new heights. Remember to prioritize sustainability, customer satisfaction, and brand enhancement throughout the packaging and shipping process, and you'll establish a strong and successful presence in the candle market. If you haven’t decided what the best package is, you can check out custom candle packaging supplies by PackM.

Tips on candle designs for packaging

When designing your candle packaging, it's essential to let your creativity shine to make your products stand out in the market. Here are some creative and unique candle packaging ideas that can add a personal touch and elevate your brand's aesthetic:

Hand-Drawn Illustrations: Use hand-drawn illustrations on your candle packaging to create a unique and eye-catching look. Custom illustrations can represent your brand's story and connect with customers on a personal level. According to August Candle Company, unique illustrations work much better than having blank, plain boxes. Having a clean, easy to read packaging is a sure way of making your product more noticeable to shoppers. 

Custom Cards: Elevate your brand and create a personalized experience for customers by adding custom cards to your packaging. Include brand-specific messages, instructions, or promotions to enhance the customer's unboxing experience.

custom candle flat cards
custom candle flat cards

Floral Candle Containers: Attract feminine buyers by incorporating floral designs or classical glossy patterns into your candle box packaging.

Cohesive Custom Labels: Use custom labels that feature your brand colors and logo to create a cohesive look and provide essential information about the candle. 

Multiple Option Boxes: Consider using multiple types of packaging boxes to cater to different candle styles, such as pillar candles or votive candles, creating a lasting impression.

Holiday-Themed Packaging: Enhance your candle packaging's appeal by incorporating holiday themes and colors associated with specific festive seasons.

Subscription Boxes: Offer subscription boxes to boost e-commerce sales and add flair to your brand. Customize the boxes to fit your brand's aesthetic and various candle sizes.

Custom Inserts & Cut-Outs: Use custom inserts and cut-outs in your packaging to securely hold and protect your candles during shipping while adding sophistication to your brand.

Gift Wrapped Packaging: Elevate the presentation of your candles by offering gift-wrapped options, adding thoughtfulness and luxury to your product.

By implementing these creative candle packaging ideas, you can elevate your brand, impress customers, and create a memorable unboxing experience. Let your packaging reflect your brand's personality and values while standing out in a competitive market.

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