Labels vs Stickers: How Are They Different?

Learn what makes stickers and labels different and how to use them to grow a business.

The short answer: Businesses use labels for product packaging and stickers to promote their brand. 

But there's more to stickers and labels than that. In today's post, you'll learn what makes stickers and labels different and how to use them to grow a business.

What Are Labels?

Labels by Laine Irene
Labels by Laine Irene

Labels are primarily used for product packaging. You can stick them on jars, cans, bottles, and other types of containers. They'll contain branding elements like company names and logos. They're also used to disclose details like a product's ingredients, manufacture date, usage instructions, and warnings.

Some businesses use labels to seal shipping boxes. Doing so prevents people from accessing the products inside, making it easier for recipients to identify the sender.

What Are Stickers?

Stickers by Lulu Sweet Kawaii Shop
Stickers by Lulu Sweet Kawaii Shop

Stickers are promotional items that businesses give away to shoppers. They're not necessarily used to spread information about products or services. Instead, they're used to make brands more recognizable and let people know what they're all about.

In some cases, they're used to represent a lifestyle that their customers can relate to. A skateboard brand, for example, uses iconography that will appeal to its audience.

Some graphic artists also design and print stickers to express themselves.

Other Differences Between Labels and Stickers

Custom Labels by Bakes & Berries
Custom Labels by Bakes & Berries

The differences between stickers and labels aren't just about their applications. There are other differences you need to know before placing an order for either one.

Cut-to-Size vs. Roll

Printing companies often cut stickers into individual pieces before sending them to you. That makes the stickers easier to distribute in-store or during events. You could throw in one or two stickers with every order you send your customers.

Labels come in rolls. That's because medium- to large-scale operations have dispensers that automate label application. 

Sticker sheets are a cross between labels and stickers. Because these stickers are placed on sheets, storage shouldn't be an issue. But they're easier to peel like labels. This is ideal for small businesses. 

Ease of Use

Labels and sticker sheets are easier to peel off because they have a large backing paper (also known as release liner). 

Stickers are a bit harder to work with. Some struggle to release stickers from their liners because there's less backing paper to grab hold of. 


Stickers lay flat so you can conveniently store them in small drawers and cabinets. The only downside is that you'll have to use a container to prevent pieces from scattering.

Labels are bulkier because they come in rolls. So if you've got many of them, you might need a dedicated shelf to place them.

If you'd like to learn more about labels and stickers, we can help. Call or chat with one of our customer representatives. You can also email us at

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