What Is Pet Packaging?

Discover all the types of pet product packaging you can use for your pet business.

Pet packaging is what animal health and lifestyle brands use to store and transport their products. It’s a necessity for pet product manufacturers and retailers. Pet brands also use packaging to promote their businesses.

This is not to be confused with PET packaging which refers to polyethylene terephthalate, a polyester used to make bottles and other plastic containers.

In this post, you’ll discover all the types of pet product packaging you can use for your business. There are also tips on creating packaging that draws attention and gets you more sales.

The Importance of Pet Product Packaging

custom pet mailer box

Custom pet packaging helps pet product manufacturers solve several problems. Below are some of the reasons why they can’t operate and grow without it.

  • Protection — Packaging is responsible for protecting items from physical damage. It also stops air, moisture, and other elements that can affect the product quality.
  • Branding — Business owners use packaging to improve name recognition and brand recall. It’s a great way of differentiating their pet products from competitors.
  • Attention — Shoppers respond better to products that target their wants and needs. Packaging is the best way to get their message across. 
  • Convenience — It becomes easier for customers and business owners to not only transport but also identify and understand the products they buy.
  • Regulatory Compliance — There are things that business owners have to disclose to meet legal requirements. This is usually done through packaging.
  • Information — Buyers will find all the information they need on the packaging. They’ll find details like who the product is for and what they’ll find inside the packaging.

Pet Product Packaging Materials

These are just some of the best packaging and marketing materials you can print to promote your pet product business.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are versatile. You can use them as product or shipping boxes. You can resize them to fit all types of pet products like toys, treats, and grooming supplies. 

They’re also huge for subscription businesses because they enhance the unboxing experience, especially if you use a unique design. 

You’ll save money too because they weigh less than a shipping box when empty. That means lower shipping costs.   

Shipping Boxes

custom pet shipping box

Shipping boxes are great for transporting large items or if you have to deliver products in bulk. You can customize their size though standard shipping boxes are more affordable.

Due to their size, you can be more creative with their design and add more information if necessary. There’s no reason to worry about your products since these boxes are built to withstand regular shining conditions.


Business owners use labels to seal mailer boxes. They’re good for leaving courier instructions too. Some would even use them to send thank you messages to customers.

If you’re using plain boxes, labels are a quick way of adding branding elements to your packaging. You can use them to add disclaimers or product information. Use them to monitor your inventory by marking every batch you create with labels.

Thank You Cards

custom pet thank you card

If you’d like to show your customers gratitude for their support, you can do it with thank you cards. You can also convert these into discount cards, educational cards, or even postcards. If you’re attending events, you can hand these out like business cards.

Business owners would slip in thank you cards with every box they send customers. Some would give them to customers after an in-store transaction.

Business Cards

Business cards are a marketing staple. If you want to spread the word about your pet business, then you’ll want to carry business cards with you wherever you go. 

You can keep your cards simple by sticking to standard business card sizes. But you’ll stand out more if you try a custom size. Feel free to experiment with different designs until you find one that works best for your company.

Pet Product Packaging Tips With Examples

Here are some tips on creating pet packaging that will make customers fall for your brand.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals

Mailer Boxes by Beyond the Bark
Mailer Boxes by Beyond the Bark

You want to use visuals that appeal to your target audience’s senses. If you’re selling dog food, for example, then you’d want to include a photo of a cute puppy happily chowing down your product.

You must use the same visuals across all your packaging. Being consistent with your visuals will help with brand name recall. Use graphics to drive home your unique selling points. Target your intended audience with the right images.

Include Product Information

Custom Boxes by Camp Hound
Custom Boxes by Camp Hound

Your packaging should show product information for shoppers to figure out whether to buy your product or not. 

So what details should you include? If you’re selling food products, for instance, then you should have the product name, ingredients, nutritional information, feeding instructions, expiration date, manufacturing date, and product weight.

Order Larger Packaging

Pet owners typically order pet food and other essentials in bulk. It lets them save money and buy less often. So when creating your packaging, consider ordering larger boxes just in case. 

Some customers also like buying more than one item for their pets. Some buy two or more toys at a time for their furry friends. You’ll need larger containers to ship all those products in one go.

Share Your Brand Message

Lots of pet companies use their packaging to share their story and message. You should do the same. It’ll make you more relatable. Customers will support you if they know what your business is trying to achieve.

Let everyone know what your values, history, and mission are. Create an emotional connection with your audience.

Understand Customer Intent

Mailer Boxes by Keyla Lerma Designs
Mailer Boxes by Keyla Lerma Designs

What are shoppers looking for? What’s the problem they’re trying to address? The answers to these questions should influence your packaging design. Make it clear to everyone that your product is the key to solving their issues.

If you think they need to see specific information, then add that to your packaging. Do they want a product that’s easy to use? Make sure you demonstrate how easy your product is to use.


Pet packaging is an important part of any business that sells products meant for animals. It lets them store and ship items to protect them from damage and shield them from the elements. 

There are different types of packaging solutions to choose from including shipping and mailer boxes. It’s best that you use marketing materials with your packaging to get more shoppers on board your brand.

Make sure you use eye-catching visuals to grab your target customer’s attention. Don’t forget to include all the product information that customers need to assess your product. Some shoppers like to order in bulk, so you better stock up on larger boxes. 

Finally, use your packaging to share your brand message so everyone knows what you’re trying to do as a company.

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