Custom Pet Packaging

Custom Pet Packaging

Create amazing pet packaging and marketing tools that’ll grab the attention of animal lovers. Make boxes, labels, thank you cards, and business cards. Available in custom sizes.




Tried and true packaging solutions.

Custom Packaging for Pet Products

Manufacturers and retailers use pet packaging to protect their products against contamination and physical damage. It’s also used by businesses when shipping products to customers so items arrive in great condition.

You use pet product packaging to provide information that your audience might need. These include details like ingredients, instructions, and safety precautions. Depending on the product sold, there might be a need to disclose specific details to comply with regulatory requirements.

Customers will find a company’s branding on its packaging. Having its business name and logo on there will give consumers a chance to remember a brand more easily.

Pet packaging works better when paired with other marketing materials like business cards and thank you cards.

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Get Inspired. View real life packaging designs in 3D.

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Popular Pet Packaging Materials

There are two go-to packaging materials for pet products. What to choose will depend on what type of product you’re selling.

Mailer boxes are the most popular because of how versatile they are. They can work as product packaging. But if needed, you can ship these to customers as is though using an external box is highly recommended. These boxes are also used by subscription businesses to fulfill orders.

If you sell large items or typically ship products in bulk, then you’ll want to use shipping boxes instead. When you order custom shipping boxes, you can set the box dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. However, ordering standard sizes will save you money.

Both boxes are the same as far as quality goes. They’re made to withstand regular shipping conditions.


Get the most out of custom packaging.

Create Pet Packaging Online

You can design your pet packaging online using the PackM Design Tool. Our tools allow you to come up with original designs in minutes even if you don’t have any experience working with graphic design software.

You just upload the images you want to use and add some text as needed. You can reposition and resize these elements until you’re happy with your design. When you’re done, you can send the file to us and we’ll handle everything from there.

The tool works for all types of pet packaging — boxes, cards, and even labels.

If you’d like to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone or live chat.

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Custom Pet Packaging

Showcase your brand with fully customizable packaging. Use your brand colors, logo, and slogan to differentiate yourself and increase brand awareness.

Subscription Boxes

Create beautiful and sturdy boxes for all types of pet subscription packaging. Securely ship your products and provide an enhanced unboxing experience to your furry friends.

Custom Accessories

Add an extra touch of branding using custom packaging accessories. Send a thank you note and personalized massages using PackM's flat cards and flyers.

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