Custom CBD Packaging

Custom CBD Packaging

Make custom packaging for your CBD business. Print boxes, pouches, labels, header cards, and other materials to help identify and distribute products. Available in different sizes.




Tried and true packaging solutions.

Print Packaging for CBD Products

CBD businesses need custom packaging if they want to grow their brands and help shoppers better understand their products. 

With so many types of products to choose from, customers often need help with all available options. Having all the information they need right in the packaging, they’ll be able to make informed decisions and feel confident about their selections.

Packaging is also necessary for transporting products. Whether you sell products through a retail location or use a carrier to fulfill orders, you’ll need shipping or mailer boxes to fulfill customer orders.

Your packaging will also be important for branding. Add your business name and logo to your packaging so that customers remember your company. Marketing materials like business cards make it easier to forge new connections. 

Sending thank you cards will show customers how much you appreciate doing business with them.

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Get Inspired. View real life packaging designs in 3D.

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Get the most out of custom packaging.

Design CBD Packaging for Free

The PackM Design Tool is a free feature that lets you create CBD packaging online. Now you can create packaging materials like header cards and packaging tape even if you don’t have access to graphic design apps.

You can even create CBD labels even if you’ve never used graphic design software before. Just upload all the images you want to use and enter your text. You can resize and reposition elements until you’re happy with the design.

When you’re done, just pass the file to us and we’ll handle the rest. If you’d like more information, give us a call or start a live chat conversation. Our representatives will provide all the information you need.

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Custom CBD Packaging

The design and durability of CBD packaging are influential to the customers buying decisions. Keeping vape pens and edibles safe and secure during delivery or on store shelves can ensure better quality products for consumers. Whether it's edible bags or dispensary packaging, with our design tool you can create an impressive and high quality packaging design.

PackM's CBD Boxes

CBD packaging is far more than a visual element. CBD custom boxes must prevent their contents from spilling and preserve their freshness. With PackM's custom size options, we can provide the correct size packaging to prevent your products from moving and damages.

Custom CBD labels

Custom CBD labels are an effective packaging solution to add branding and additional information to your products. Use labels directly on products or add them to your boxes and pouches. PackM offers a variety of other packaging accessories which enhance the unboxing experience.

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