Custom Candle Packaging

Custom Candle Packaging

Brighten the mood with custom candle packaging. Create elegant packaging and unforgettable unboxing with PackM's custom candle packaging.




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Why use custom candle packaging?

Custom candle packaging will not only increase your brand awareness but also help with protecting your candles and products during shipping and handling.

One of the most important and obvious example of a benefit that comes with custom candle packaging is the opportunity to showcase your brand. It’s one of the easiest forms of advertising and helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Create luxury candle packaging by using customizable boxes and accessories to elevate your brand image.

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Get Inspired. View real life packaging designs in 3D.

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Materials used in Candle Boxes

Candle Boxes come in different dimensions and materials. The purpose of these boxes is to showcase your brand and product information while keeping it secure.This is the packaging that the customer sees on the shelf or at the end of an unboxing, before getting to the product.

Our candle boxes are made of corrugated materials consisted of E-Flute (1/16th inch thick). These boxes can be printed on 3 different materials. Premium white, Standard white, and Kraft.


Get the most out of custom packaging.

How to package candles

Using products such as custom candle boxes, mailer boxes, candle tissue paper, thank you cards, and candle labels create a lasting first impression and deliver a gram worthy unboxing experience!

While staying in style, keep your candles safe by using the correct dimensions for your box to avoid any empty spots and the candles from moving. Add candle tissue paper for branding purposes and wrap your candle for an extra layer of protection. Want to go the extra mile? Insert your candle boxes in a mailer box for a safer and more luxurious shipping experience. If you are selling your candles in store or at a pop-up shop, use candle gift bags and tissue papers at checkout.

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Custom Candle Boxes

The candle industry has grown drastically over the past few years. With a variety of products and scents available for everyone. From homemade and hand poured candles to luxury candles, the packaging is one of the distinguishing factors for customers. Create and design a custom packaging that defines your story and brand far more than your candles.

Custom Candle Packaging

Candle packaging is not only limited to boxes. Many brands use other packaging elements to deliver the luxury feeling of their candles. PackM's packaging products allow you to create luxury candle packaging as well as candle gift boxes to enhance the feel and look of your candles.

Custom Candle Inserts

Custom packaging inserts are both functional and visually appealing. They allow you to securely ship your products to assure the quality of your brand and products. Organize and secure your products by using inserts while adding another branding element.