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Full Color Tote Bags are popular for various purposes, including promotional items, personalized gifts, or as merchandise for businesses, events, or organizations. They offer a visually striking and versatile way to showcase artwork, logos, or branding. Additionally, they provide a practical and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, making them a popular choice for environmentally conscious individuals. Our tote bags are made from 100% cotton canvas.

With two customizable sizes to choose from

13.4" x 13.4" x 2.4" Classic Tote Bag

18.5" x 15" x 4.7" Large Tote Bag

Imprint Area: 8" x 8"



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Looking for inspiration? Check out the amazing packaging designs created on PackM.

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Full Color Tote Bags

Get reusable tote bags to promote your brand during conventions, trade shows, and other events. They can also double as eco-friendly shopping bags.

Custom printed packaging

Fully customizable, with your logo/design.
$ all
$ each
Premium White
Outside only
Ships in 10-20 business days

Design your packaging. Or let someone design it for you.

PackM makes it easy for you to achieve your branding goals. We understand how a well-designed packaging makes an effective tool to develop brand awareness with your customers. You can choose one of our 3 ways to create awesome packaging.
Design your packaging
Design here on
The fastest and easiest way to design a great product online is with PackM’s Design Editor. You can use our online design editor for free. Just select the “Design Now” option on the file section and start enhancing your design.
Design packaging in your favorite app
Design in your favorite tool
If you are a graphic designer or you know how to use graphic design software you can download the dieline template from the product page and then upload your artwork file in PDF.
Packaging design help
Ask PackM for Design help
If you are not a designer, a great way to customize your product is to take advantage of our free graphic design assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a PackM representative via chat.

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Reviews by real people running real businesses.

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Jason C.
Sample Box

PackM ensured our design was accurate and the colors were correct. The box was delivered within the specified time and was packaged inside a sturdy box (better than off the shelf or Amazon boxes). Thank you for the quick responses to our inquiries as well. Great product!

Custom Mailer Boxes
Kay L.
Happy customer

High-quality printing, small minimum quantities, and fast turnaround — so glad I’ve found PackM!

Custom Mailer Boxes
Dope Munchie Crew
Dope Munchie Crew
Dianne M.
Six stars!

Your team provided me and my business with an amazing product! The boxes and tissue paper are perfect, the quality is impressive, and the look is beautiful and professional. I definitely am planning on ordering again and I will certainly recommend you to others. Thanks so much for your excellent customer service and beautiful products.

Custom Product Boxes
Butler Business Systems
Butler Business Systems
Amy M.
Extremely happy!

My boxes are high quality and they look great. I have ordered from them a few times and will be placing another order. It makes our business look very professional.

Custom Shipping Boxes
Envy Fox Couture
Envy Fox Couture
Nikki F.

You guys were perfect! Everything from the customer service, product design, and assistance to the shipping speed, was amazing. I’m truly glad I decided to use you guys. I will be ordering again soon!

Custom Mailer Boxes

Can't decide? Order a sample.

Quantities 1 and 2 are shipped within 4-5 business days, so you can see the sample of your box fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a discount if I order more?

Yes, you can. The unit price (price of one box) decreases as you order more. PackM is happy to pass on savings to customers when it costs us less to produce.

How can I pay for my order?

PackM accepts various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and popular payment cards. We use a secure payment processor called Stripe and do not store customer credit card data on our servers. Stripe's advanced technology allows customers to save their payment information for future use. If you need a payment method that we don't currently offer, please contact our customer service team.

Will PackM check my files?

Yes, we will. PackM checks 100% of customer files, both those designed online and those uploaded, to ensure they are print-ready. Our packaging prepress experts carefully inspect every file, conducting over 50 different checks. If there are any issues that need adjustment to meet our production requirements, we can make micro-adjustments. If we encounter a problem that we can't fix, such as low-resolution images or missing font files, we will contact you to discuss how to fix the artwork. You can trust that your box will be printed with excellent quality.

Can I use a file created by someone else?

Absolutely. If you have a complete artwork file that is print-ready, feel free to upload it. PackM carefully checks all files, and if anything is off, we will reach out to you.

Can PackM help me with a design?

Yes, we can. PackM is happy to assist customers with packaging design. Let us know your needs, and we will provide our help and expertise.

Where are the products printed?

All of PackM's products are produced in the United States. To minimize shipping costs, we produce boxes at the facility closest to the shipping destination.

Print Reusable Full-Color Tote Bags 

Order custom tote bags for your next corporate event. These make great giveaway bags to help you promote your business. These bags are lightweight but could support a lot of products.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Print on one or both sides
  • Soft to the touch

If you operate out of a physical store, consider selling tote bags to help save the environment. These bags are reusable, so customers can bring their tote bags with them the next time they buy from your shop.

Low Quantity Requirements

You can order as low as one full-color tote bag. This is great, especially for retailers that want to try them out first to confirm each bag's quality.

Feels Amazing

Our tote bags feel soft to the touch. And because of their double-carry handles, they're so comfortable on the shoulders.

Create Your Own Design

You can make your own tote bag design with our user-friendly Design Tool. This is a free feature we offer our customers. All you need is a PackM account to get started.

Friendly Customer Service

Talk to one of our representatives if you need help with your order. You can get in touch with us via phone or live chat.

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