Create your custom branded pouches.

Keep products fresh with custom-branded pouches. Available in flat and stand-up configurations. With hang hole and tear notch options. Make them resealable by adding zippers.

Keep Products Fresh for a Long Time

Seal products inside pouches to prevent air, moisture, sunlight, and contaminants from spoiling them. Customizing pouches lets you add your branding and share product information with buyers.

  • Two pouch versions available: Stand-up and lay-flat
  • Plenty of sizes to choose from
  • Optional hang holes and tear notch (tear strip)
  • Resealable if you add zippers

Businesses use pouches to store food, electronics, and nutritional supplements. The apparel industry also uses them to store delicate items like underwear.

Looks Great on Retail Displays

Pouches look amazing on retail displays. Stand-up pouches draw attention to themselves when placed on top of any surface. Lay-flat pouches do their best work when hung on pegs or hooks.

See-Through Windows

When you select clear film as your material, you can create windows that’ll let shoppers see your pouch’s contents. This option is available for both pouch types.

Create Designs Online

Our Design Tool lets you create pouch designs for free. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it so that even beginners can make a design in minutes. 

Amazing Customer Service

Need help with anything? Give us a call or have a chat with one of our representatives. We can even help if you need graphic design assistance for free.

Explore our lay-flat and stand-up pouches to see which is right for your needs.

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