Custom E-commerce Packaging

Custom E-commerce Packaging

Pack, ship, and display your products in style with PackM's e-commerce packaging! Add other packaging essentials such as tapes and labels for a complete custom packaging experience.




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Why E-commerce packaging is important

Good packaging is vital for ecommerce businesses because it may have a big influence on consumer happiness and brand loyalty. The amount of returns and complaints may be decreased if things are shipped safely and without damage. Positive unpacking experiences may also be produced by high-quality, well-designed packaging, which can play a significant role in consumer satisfaction and repeat business. Additionally, a strong container design may serve as a marketing tool, promoting brand identification and building a solid brand image. Utilizing eco-friendly products might also aid in attracting customers that care about the environment.

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How to pack E-Commerce products

For an e-commerce business, there are a number of packaging options, and the optimal one will depend on the particular items you are selling. Following are some general pointers for packing products:

Use the right materials: Opt for bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or tissue paper to protect the merchandise throughout shipping and handling.

Make sure the package is the suitable size for the items to prevent excessive product movement during delivery.

To prevent the items from shifting during delivery, fix them in place using tape or other fasteners.

Use both inner and exterior packaging: Use an inside package to safeguard the goods, and an outer package to shield the inner package from damage while being shipped.

Label the package: Clearly label the package with the destination address and any other relevant information.

Choose environmentally friendly options: Make an effort to use recyclable, biodegradable, or sustainable materials.

Consider branding: You may design the packaging to showcase your logo and branding features, which can assist to enhance brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Additionally, it's crucial to keep in mind that various items could call for various packaging strategies and materials. Fragile things, for instance, would need additional cushioning and protection, whereas perishable ones might need refrigeration for transportation.


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The best packaging materials for E-commerce products

Strong, long-lasting, and simple to find are corrugated boxes. They are available in a range of sizes and may be branded with your logo.

Bubble wrap is a common option for shipping fragile goods since it provides enough protection.

Poly bags are excellent for small, lightweight objects and can save shipping expenses.

Paper-based products are a biodegradable choice for packing and cushioning goods. Kraft paper, tissue paper, and shredded paper are just a few examples.

The ideal material for your business will ultimately rely on the things you sell, how much you can afford to spend on materials, and how much protection you need to offer during shipment.

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Custom E-commerce Packaging

PackM offers custom boxes and packaging for all businesses and smart businesses. From small businesses, and Etsy sellers, to major retailers, we offer all the essential e-commerce packaging needs to shipping and displaying your products. With endless design options and custom sizes, create your next impressive e-commerce boxes.

No Minimum Order Quantity

With no minimum order quantity, you can now order samples or a single to test our product quality and designs. This feature allows smaller businesses to use custom packaging and alternate different designs for special occasions, events, or promotions.

Custom Poly Mailer & Flexible Packaging

Poly mailers are great for non-fragile products such as clothing. they are quick and easy to pack and their light weight reduces the shipping cost. PackM's wide range of flexible packaging allows business owners to ship their products fast and in style. Add custom tissue papers and business cards for an extra element of fun and branding.