Custom E-commerce Packaging

Custom E-commerce Packaging

All the packaging you’ll need to run an online business in one place. Everything from boxes to thank you cards and tissue paper. Customizable packaging for better company branding.

Custom Packaging for Online Retailers

Online retailers don’t get to interact with customers in person. The closest you’ll get would be through your packaging.

Customizing your packaging materials lets you interact with customers beyond your e-commerce site. You can share your brand’s story, send an inspiring message, or show your gratitude.

There’s another advantage to printing custom packaging. You get to set the size of your packaging materials to fit your products perfectly. This not only improves your overall presentation but also secures your products in place which keeps them safe during transport.

Use packaging accessories to impress your customers even further. These also give you more space to add important details like product information, instructions, or safety warnings.

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Plenty of Packaging Options

Regardless of what products you sell online, you’ll find the right packaging for them on our site.

We offer shipping and mailer boxes for those who need sturdy packaging for delivering products to customers. If you need something lighter for non-fragile items, you can try our poly mailers

You can get hang tags for clothing items along with gift bags to put them in. If you’re selling products in jars, use our roll labels to add product details. Stand-up pouches are great for items that need to be sealed and resealed.

Product boxes are also available for those who want to explore more packaging options.

Wrap your products in custom tissue paper to add another layer of protection.

Include a business card or two when shipping items to customers so they can hand them out to friends and family who may be interested in buying from you. Customers always appreciate it when they find a thank you card with their orders. 

Use e-commerce flyers to promote upcoming events or sales.

Design E-commerce Packaging Online

PackM gives you all the tools you need to create custom packaging for your business. This includes our free-to-use Design Tool.

Now you can create designs from scratch without having to download an app. Everything is done online. It’s intuitive to use. Just upload your design assets, add some text, and move them around as needed.

There’s a live preview which shows what your design would look like once printed. When you’re done, just send it over to us and we’ll take care of everything else. 

If you need inspiration, you can browse through some of the designs our customers made for their respective businesses. Head on over to our Design Hub to see what designs others came up with.

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Custom E-commerce Packaging

PackM offers custom boxes and packaging for all businesses and smart businesses. From small businesses, and Etsy sellers, to major retailers, we offer all the essential e-commerce packaging needs to shipping and displaying your products. With endless design options and custom sizes, create your next impressive e-commerce boxes.

No Minimum Order Quantity

With no minimum order quantity, you can now order samples or a single to test our product quality and designs. This feature allows smaller businesses to use custom packaging and alternate different designs for special occasions, events, or promotions.

Custom Poly Mailer & Flexible Packaging

Poly mailers are great for non-fragile products such as clothing. they are quick and easy to pack and their light weight reduces the shipping cost. PackM's wide range of flexible packaging allows business owners to ship their products fast and in style. Add custom tissue papers and business cards for an extra element of fun and branding.

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