Packaging for Designers

Packaging for Designers

Get more clients by diversifying your services. Offer packaging solutions to increase your earning potential. Lots of options including mailer boxes, labels, and gift bags.




Tried and true packaging solutions.
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Earn Money as a Packaging Designer

Increase your earning potential as a graphic designer by printing packaging for clients. Become a one-stop shop for all their packaging needs.

If you’re a freelance designer who creates packaging designs for different businesses, offer to print it on their behalf. This leaves them with one less supplier to coordinate with and gives you another source of income.

This move will also enhance your portfolio as a graphic designer and help you build long-term relationships with clients. Because not all designers offer this service, you’re also setting yourself apart from some competitors.

You get more control over the final product too. That means your design will come out exactly the way you envisioned it.

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Get Inspired. View real life packaging designs in 3D.

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What Packaging Materials Can You Print?

There are several types of packaging materials you can print for your clients — all of which are essential for running a business.

For starters, we can print shipping and product boxes. You can also get mailer boxes which can double as PR boxes.

Does your client need business cards, thank you cards, or discount cards? Use our versatile flat cards to create any or all of these. 

You can also create labels for clients who need promotional materials. These are also useful for sealing boxes, gift bags, and more. Design custom tissue paper for clients who want to make their packaging feel extravagant.

You’ll find more products as you browse our site. Give us a call or start a live chat conversation if you’d like to learn more about our packaging solutions.


Get the most out of custom packaging.
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Print Samples for Clients

It would be a good idea to print samples so you have something to show clients. We have very low order quantities so you can order a couple you could hand out to potential business partners.

You can even order a single box if you choose custom printing.

This gives you a chance to see and feel the quality of the materials we use to print packaging materials. Showing printed products to clients will not only show them what their packaging could look like but also your skills as a graphic designer.

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