Custom Food Packaging

Custom Food Packaging

Food-safe packaging materials and accessories. Get everything you need to promote your food business — from boxes to flyers and labels. Customizable with multiple size options.

All Your Food Packaging Needs Under One Roof

Get all the food packaging materials you need in one place. Not only can you create a design for your food business, but you can customize it to suit all your needs. For example, you can create cereal boxes in the exact size you want. 

Use our honey and jar labels to make your products stand put on store shelves. 

You can also print nutrition labels to give shoppers the information they need to make educated purchases.

All of these packaging materials are food-safe, meaning you don’t have to worry about them contaminating your delicious treats.

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Ideal for Takeaways and Deliveries

Whether you need packaging materials for takeaways or food deliveries, we have the solution.

For instance, we offer shipping and mailer boxes if you need to transport food products from one location to another. You can also use these if you operate a food subscription business. 

Our gift bags are ideal for handling food items if your customers order them to go. They also make great candy bags for kids and adults alike.

You can even print custom flyers if you want to promote upcoming events. Some businesses use flyers to introduce their whole menu.

Customize Your Food Packaging

One of the perks of customizing food packaging is that you can specify the exact measurements and materials they’re printed on. That means your business and thank you cards will be as big or as small as you want them to be.

Some features add more functionality to your packaging. For example, you can add zippers to food pouches to make them resealable. That’s perfect for products like jerky, nuts, and other items you don’t expect users to consume in one sitting.

If you don’t have a design for your food packaging, make one using the PackM Design Tool for free. You can call or chat with us should you have questions or concerns.

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Custom Food Packaging

Food packaging is far more than just the design. Food packaging must be printed with food-safe ink, offer protection against spoilage, and be durable for shipping and handling. We offer durable custom food boxes made of strong corrugated cardboard featuring food-safe ink designs.

Food Safe Packaging

The safety of your products is mostly dependent on your packaging during shipping and on the shelves. Using the right packaging will increase the shelf life of your products and prevent them from unwanted elements. Our corrugated shipping boxes are sturdy for all bulk and subscription food products and perfect for transporting heavy and large items.

Custom Nutrition Labels

Food labels play an important role in informing consumers about ingredients, nutritional facts, expiration dates, and more. Additionally, they can be used to add branding and design to improve the looks of your packaging and products.

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