Sweet Packaging

If you find yourself ever needing to focus at work or to enjoy a bag of gummy bears without worrying about sugar, CandyCan is your golden ticket. Enjoy a guiltless candy snack and an unforgettable unboxing experience with their mailer boxes. Their mission is to offer a delicious gummy bear experience using plant based, non GMO and gluten free ingredients so you won’t have to feel guilty eating a bag of candy anymore.

Tasteful Boxes

CandyCan’s custom packaging is bright and playful. Their font is bubbly and the box includes images of gummy bears surrounded by different shapes in light colors.

On the inside of the box, the quote “sweet benefits” is visible in bright orange color that refers to the nutritious elements of the CandyCan’s gummies. On the back of the box, you can see all the nutritional facts about these gummies, which makes them a snack with a purpose.

Candy with Benefits

CandyCan offers two options for gummy bears, one for sleep, and one for focus. Both are priced the same and come with benefits such as promoted sleep enhancement and brain function. Their customers highly value CandyCan’s transparency in disclosing what ingredients they specifically use for these benefits.

Their bright and colorful boxes have been designed to compliment their delightful gummies. You can also showcase your brand to your consumer by creating customized packaging. Use our 3D technology to create your next boxes.

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