Custom Packaging. Optimized

A group of talented individuals came together to start their journey in the business world. Like many others, they were faced with scheduling issues and staffing inefficiencies. So in 2000, this group came up with a solution and created Smartlinx to make work, work better. Smartlinx offers a variety of workforce management products and services to help businesses create an efficient workplace for everyone. Smartlix prides themselves on providing time management products and payroll services to thousands of companies and individuals.

Efficiency and Quality

The Smartlinx team created a custom shipping box that represents their core values of efficiency and quality. The design starts with a sturdy shipping box displaying a sleek white background with grey and blue details. The grey, grid-like lines symbolize the potential for team efficiency in a workforce. Throughout the design, bright blue colors are used to showcase the Smartlinx logo and textual information about the product. The side of the design tastefully portrays an image of the device accompanied by its features and components.

The Next Generation of Custom Packaging

Included in the design is “the next generation of time clocks,” highlighting the innovative technology that Smartlinx has provided to the world of workflow management. PackM is proud to be chosen as the short-run packaging solution for innovative companies all over the country. Smartlinx understands the importance of including and creating up-to-date technologies in its products. Hence, they used PackM’s new 3D design tool to create this shipping box and gave their customers a great unboxing experience. Design your very own Custom Shipping Boxes today and join us in “the next generation of custom packaging.”

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