Dope Munchie Crew

Do you know what's better than chocolate chip cookies? A variety of sweet and salty fresh handcrafted cookies.
When it comes to flavor, quality, and uniqueness, Dope Munchie Crew doesn't hold back. Operated by a family in Rochester, New York, DMC offers some of the best cookies in signature flavors.

MDC is known for its unique cookie flavors that add excitement to traditional flavors. The mixture of salty, sweet, and savory ingredients separates them apart from their competitors. Their blueberry & dark chocolate cookie is just one of the few fan favorites with an extra touch from DMC.

DMC expresses their uniqueness with their custom packaging by skipping the boring brown boxes and using deep blue mailer box with their custom artwork. Their custom artwork includes their brand name in white wrapping around the sides of the box and the colorful cookie character front and center. The cookie mascot adds a fun and playful feeling to the packaging that makes DMC’s packaging stand out.

DMC used all sides of the mailer box to personalize the unboxing experience. The back of the packaging is where you can read about the brand, their values and access their website with the QR code printed.

Gift Boxes

DMC offers gift boxes that can be ordered from their website and shipped nationwide. These boxes include one dozen assorted cookies and are a perfect sweet gift anyone can receive. What makes this box stand out is the attention to detail. This package includes their stunning mailer box, custom tissue paper, a note card that can be customized, and an instruction card.

DMC’s vibrant design and customizable note cards deliver an enhanced unboxing experience that matches their tasteful cookies.


DMC did not hold back on adding accessories to their packaging. Starting with custom tissue papers branded with their name and mascot. Custom tissue paper is a simple yet elegant item to add to any packaging. A delicate layer of paper that can be customized to fit the brand image and the packaging. It allows you to create a luxurious unboxing experience and that's what DMC achieved to do.

Personalized custom note cards that include a business name or logo impact clients' view of your brand image and personality. Delivering a message allows you to connect with customers and show how important their business is to you. DMC also utilized custom note cards in their gift boxes so you can send a message to the person receiving your gift.

DMC used custom label stickers for branding each individual cookie. Sticker labels are fully customizable and can add a luxury element to your products.

Pack With PackM

DMC emphasizes quality and customer satisfaction when delivering their cookies. They opted to use PackM as their custom packaging provider because they both share the same values. PackM premium mailer boxes offer reliable protection and tasteful design for those who want to stand out. Our wide variety of packaging accessories allows anyone to create their own custom packaging that represents their brand and creativity.

Order incredibly yummy cookies from DMC and enjoy the unboxing experience provided by PackM.

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