Fashion Boxes: Package in Style

EnvyFox brings the saying “look good, feel good” to a whole new level. With the most elegant collection of fashion for both men and women, they promise their products will put you at the center of attention.

Too Hot to Handle

EnvyFox’s fashion products aren’t the only envious thing they offer. Their custom designed box fits in perfectly with their brand.

On their custom mailer box, you will come across a red and shiny silver logo showcasing their elegance. On the back, you are met with a mission statement, “Make them envy you”, surrounded by a beautiful mixture of red and black in the background. On the bottom, Envy the Fox herself is shown as a mysterious shadow-like figure.

Make Them Envy You

Everyone has the opportunity to look glamorous and EnvyFox helps them do just that. They pride themselves on delivering the best of the best in the fashion world, looking to inspire everyone to feel confident. They are able to do just that thanks to their PackM custom printed mailer boxes.

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