Custom Apparel Packaging

Custom Apparel Packaging

Elevate your business with custom apparel packaging and accessories that represent your brand. PackM offers a wide range of apparel packaging solutions for all types of clothing businesses.




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Why are apparel packaging important?

Apparel packaging is very important for any clothing store, regardless if you sell clothing or other garments. It prevents damage from the clothing from the elements during shipping, and ensures that your customers get your clothing in good condition.

Not only that, it also serves as a very effective marketing tool, with your custom logos on the packaging, aside from having the important information such as the size, style or color of the clothing. Letting your customers get a great unboxing experience can definitely give your business repeat orders.

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Get Inspired. View real life packaging designs in 3D.

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How do you package apparel products?

Getting your apparel products packed properly is very important to keep your products from getting damaged. To do this, you need to choose the right packaging materials for different clothing types. 

The material is also equally important. Cardboard boxes works best for protecting your products. You can also use padding such as tissue paper, which helps cushion your products.

Improve your packaging with clothing labels and kraft tapes with your logo on it. Include care instructions as well to help your customers on how to properly take care of your products.


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What are the best materials for packaging apparel products?

As mentioned above, cardboard boxes are one of the best choices for apparel packaging. Jackets, coats, jeans, shirts or any apparel can fit on cardboard clothing boxes.'s boxes are made with corrugated materials and are very sturdy to ensure the protection of your clothing especially while in transit. Choose between premium white, standard white and kraft material.

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Custom Apparel Packaging boxes

The apparel industry is one of the most competitive marketplaces in today's economy. One way to stand out and differentiate yourself is by branding. Custom packaging allows you to brand your products and create a lasting first impression. Use PackM's 3D design technology to create mesmerizing packaging for your brand.

PackM's Custom Fashion Packaging

Custom fashion packaging is not limited to only boxes. Many businesses prefer lighter packaging options and easier packing processes. Here at PackM, we offer custom apparel poly mailers that are fully customizable and easy to use. Poly mailers and bubble mailers allow for a faster packaging process and lower shipping costs while keeping your packaging on brand.

Custom Clothing Accessories & Inserts

Apparel and fashion products often require more than just packaging. PackM offers a variety of packaging inserts and accessories curated for apparel businesses. Choose from hang tags, labels, tape, tissue papers, and more to deliver the ultimate unboxing experience.