Custom Electronics Packaging

Custom Electronics Packaging

Print custom packaging to keep sensitive electronic products safe while building your brand. Ship items with confidence using durable cardboard boxes. Custom sizes available.

Packaging Boxes for Electronic Products

Whether you’re selling electronics online or through a retail store, you need to have boxes to help you fulfill your orders and establish your brand.

Use product boxes to store products like speakers, headphones, smartwatches, controllers, mice, routers, smartphones, and modems. 

If you’re looking to send your products to influencers for review, consider using mailer boxes. These sleek boxes are not only tough but they’re presentable as well. They also make great subscription boxes.

But what if your customers order in bulk? In that case, you’ll want to use shipping boxes. You can make them as big or as small as you want them to be by specifying the dimensions you need.

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Promote Your Business the Right Way

You can use different marketing materials to expose your brand to more people. Printing business cards can help you network with potential clients. These are especially useful in conferences, trade shows, and conventions.

Using labels to seal your product boxes will expose more people to your business name and logo, making it easier for them to remember you. You can also double as warning labels. They’re also handy for relaying instructions.

You should seal shipping boxes with branded packaging tape. Some electronics shops prefer shipping products in non-descript boxes. And so they use custom packaging tape to insert their branding more subtly.

Design Electronics Packaging for Free

Use the PackM Design Tool to create custom packaging designs for free. All you need is a PackM account to get started.

The Design Tool lets you upload design assets like your company logo and other images you might want to use for your project. You can also insert some text and add shapes. There’s a live preview that shows you what your packaging will look like once printed.

If you need help getting started, give us a call or get in touch using live chat.

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Electronics Packaging

With a wide range of products and custom size abilities, PackM offers packaging solutions for all types of electronic products. From small devices to headphones and heavy items, we have a full selection of packaging for you.

Secure Packaging

Keep your products safe and secure during the shipping process or on display with PackM's corrugated cardboard boxes. Using our high-quality packaging, deliver an exceptional unboxing experience to your customers.

Custom Accessories

Stand out and increase brand awareness by adding customized packaging accessories to your packaging. Add your logo and brand colors using custom tapes, roll labels, and tissue papers.

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