Holiday Packaging Tips, Ideas, and Examples

Here are some tips, ideas, and examples to help business owners prepare for the holiday season.

Are you ready for the holiday season?

This time of year is the peak season for most businesses. Don’t be caught off guard. Make sure you stock up on festive packaging materials.

To help you prepare, below are holiday packaging examples, tips, and ideas. 

Why Do Holiday Packaging?

Is it worth spending money on holiday packaging?

Yes, it is. 

There are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to invest in holiday packaging. It’s not just because it’s fun. They also benefit your business and its sales. 

Holiday Apparel Box by Whateva Lola

Below are just a couple of reasons why you should do holiday packaging.

It Inspires People to Shop

Sometimes people have a hard time thinking of gift ideas for their loved ones. The right packaging could change all that.

You can use packaging to introduce products that potential customers might like. Or you can have them advertise upcoming sales or promotions. Some packaging includes store locations and websites they can visit for their holiday needs.

Not only do you remind them to shop, but you’re also able to suggest that they do all their shopping at your place.

It Helps With Branding

Holiday packaging is eye-catching by design. That’s why they’re great for branding. If you do it right, your packaging will help associate your brand with the holiday season. Your business will be the first thing people think of when looking for presents.

It can lead to increased sales, better engagement with your community, and heightened brand presence.

It Promotes Holiday-Themed Products

If you’re releasing products specifically made for the holidays, you’ll need your product packaging to match them. You can have your packaging convey the right message and highlight what makes these products different from your regular offerings.

Customers will also appreciate your holiday packaging since it’ll make it easier to gift them to people. The intent will be immediately clear once they hand them out to friends and family.

It Creates an Emotional Connection

There’s just something so special about holiday packaging. It tugs your heartstrings and makes you feel all warm inside. 

You can raise your customers’ spirits with a good packaging design. If you use the right icons and imagery, you can trigger their nostalgia and remind them of their holiday traditions.

These are all positive things you want to associate your brand with.

Holiday Packaging Tips

These are some of the things you have to keep in mind when creating holiday packaging. 

Stick to Your Budget

It’s so easy to go overboard when planning out your holiday packaging. You don’t want to blow your budget on it. 

Holiday Candle Packaging by Earthside Co
Holiday Candle Packaging by Earthside Co

Use historical data to assess how many products you might be able to sell this season. From there, you should have a better idea of how much packaging you need to order.

Stay on Brand

You don’t want to veer too far from your branding. Otherwise, there might be a disconnect between your store and customers. 

Try to keep your brand colors. Or at the very least, include some indication of your brand like your logo or business name. 

Share Packaging Photos and Videos on Socials

Don’t just show off your packaging in your store. Put them on social media for all your followers to see. That just might be the final push they need to finally make their purchase.

If anything else, you can have people admire the effort you put into designing your packaging materials.

Keep It Simple

The best holiday packaging designs are often the simplest ones. If your design feels cluttered, it might turn some people off.

Holiday Packaging Accessories by Benny Creates
Holiday Packaging Accessories by Benny Creates

Stick to basics. Don’t add too many colors or design elements. Don’t forget to highlight your product. That should be the star of the packaging. 

Go Eco-Friendly

People appreciate eco-friendly packaging. Especially since holiday packaging often ends up in the trash after use.

By being environmentally conscious, you can give your packaging a second life after they’re discarded by your customers.

Have a Call to Action

Use your packaging to tell people what to do. Maybe you could include a line about visiting your website. Use QR codes to redirect people to your social media accounts.

You can even use them to upsell. It’d be such a waste if you don’t do it. Make the most out of your holiday packaging.

Holiday Packaging Ideas

What types of packaging materials can you customize for the holiday season? Here are a couple of ideas.

Tissue Paper

The tissue paper you use to prevent products from getting dirty can have festive colors and designs. All you need to do is customize them.

Holiday-Themed Tissue Paper by Moody Molly Designs

Wrap candles, clothing, mugs, glassware, shoes, cosmetics, and other types of products in holiday tissue paper. It’ll help bring holiday cheer to customers.


Create special packaging and shipping boxes for the holiday season. Not only do these enhance the unboxing experience for customers, but they also differentiate you from competitors who aren’t using seasonal packaging.

These also help increase the perceived value of your products. It’s not every day that you release products with holiday packaging. So the products inside would seem more special than usual.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper makes the gift-giving process more convenient for customers. If you wrap products for your customers, they won’t have to worry about doing it themselves. 

That’s a great incentive for them to buy from you directly. Especially since not everyone has the time or patience to wrap presents one by one. 

Packaging Tape

You can even design your packaging tape to fit the holidays. You may as well since you’re likely going to use a lot of them around this time of year.

This is a good idea for businesses that want to save some money. If you still plan on using regular packaging, you can use custom packaging tape that has holiday iconography to make them special.

Shopping Bags

You’ll want to use custom shopping bags heading into the holiday season. And there are so many types to choose from. 

Holiday Event Gift Bags by Kelsey Haver Designs

Gift bags are always a good choice. But have you thought about using tote bags? Or what about paper bags? If you want holiday shopping bags, there are so many options to choose from.

Holiday Pouches

Pouches may not seem like an obvious choice. But if you want your products to stand out, you can’t do better than custom pouches

On their own, pouches let products shine. This is especially true if you put them on retail displays. But if you design them with the holidays in mind, they’ll look even better.

Stickers and Labels

You can seal your packaging with wintry product labels. This should remind people that the holidays are upon them.

Or you can print holiday stickers and use them as giveaways. Throw them in with the products that your customers ordered. It’s a small thing but they’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

Greeting Cards

Do you want to make your customers feel loved and appreciated? Give or send them a branded greeting card. Let them know that you’re thinking about them and wish them the best.

Holiday Flat Cards by Kaila Designs

They’re great for all occasions. Give one during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year celebrations.

Header Cards

Do you use header cards to seal products? It would be great if you update the design — even if just for the holidays. 

These might also help your products stand out a bit more when placed next to similar ones inside a grocery store.

Hang Tags

While they might be small,hdo a good job of conveying messages. So why not use them for sending holiday cheer?

You can use flat hang tags if you want to keep it short. But if you’ve got more to say, folded hang tags might be what you need.

Poly Mailers

Online retailers often use poly mailers to send lightweight, durable items to customers. If you’re sending shirts, scarves, socks, books, magazines, gloves, party supplies, and other similar products, you can use this type of packaging.

And if you’re using them around the holidays, have an appropriate design. Make them really festive to get customers in the right mood.


There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in holiday packaging. Not only is it good for business, but it can also boost sales and help your branding.

You just need to remember a couple of things before you order your custom packaging. Try to stick to your budget as much as possible. You also need to stay on brand. 

It’s good to make your designs simple. Don’t forget to share your designs on social media. Be as eco-friendly as you can. And have a call to action so customers know what to do next.

There are plenty of packaging options to choose from. You can order tissue paper, boxes, packaging tape, greeting cards, poly mailers, and wrapping paper just to name a few.

If you need inspiration, go to the PackM Design Hub. It’s filled with packaging designs by our customers. And when you’re ready to make your order, check out all the products PackM has to offer.

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