What Is CBD Packaging?

Learn why you should use custom CBD packaging and what types you could use for your business.

CBD packaging refers to boxes, pouches, and other materials used to store and transport CBD products. It’s a necessity for anyone thinking about starting or growing a CBD business.  

There are several things you have to consider when packing CBD products. Yes, regulations regarding CBD have been relaxed. However, sellers still need to disclose a lot of information to consumers — and these are typically addressed through packaging.

In this post, you’ll learn why you should use custom CBD packaging and what types you could use for your business.

What Is CBD?

If you’re thinking of going into the CBD business, you first have to understand what it is. 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical compound that you’ll find in a cannabis plant. It’s not the same as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). While both are compounds you get from cannabis, CBD isn’t psychoactive.

In simpler terms, CBD doesn’t make you high.

People buy CBD products because of their potential health benefits. Some claim that CBD helps them with anxiety, pain, insomnia, inflammation, or epilepsy. It’s used as a natural alternative to common medications.

Some take CBD as a supplement. Others switch from using THC so they don’t get the high while still reaping the reported benefits of cannabis.

CBD products come in different forms. You have your edibles, creams, capsules, oils, beverages, lotions, and more. Consider what type of CBD product you’re selling when choosing your packaging.

Benefits of CBD Packaging

CBD boxes and packaging tape

The main reason why you use packaging is to protect products from physical damage. However, there are other reasons why you’d want to create custom CBD packaging for your business.

Protect Products From the Elements

CBD products are sensitive to sunlight, air, and moisture. And without the right packaging, they could even get contaminated. Boxes and pouches help maintain the stability of your formulations. 

Share Product Information

As a CBD seller, there’s a lot of information that you have to share with customers. This includes CBD concentration, ingredients, recommended dosage, and even potential allergens. Having custom packaging will help you be more transparent.

Meet Legal Requirements

You’re required to disclose certain product details to meet legal requirements like a product’s CBD content. Some states will have their own list of information you need to display. This is on top of what the national government wants you to show. 

It’s best to consult with local authorities to know what you should include in your packaging.

Introduce Branding Elements

You can distinguish yourself from competitors by introducing branding to your packaging. Add your business name, logo, colors, and other elements to make you stand out from other CBD players in the market.

Use your packaging to let everyone know what makes your products right for them.

Add Dosage Instructions

Your packaging needs to have dosage instructions so those new to CBD products understand how much product they should use or consume at a given period. 

If you’re selling capsules, for example, then you’ll want to say how many customers should take and how long before they can take another.

CBD Packaging Requirements

Local regulations will dictate what information you should put on your packaging. However, it only makes sense to include certain details.

For example:

You’ll need to mention the amount of CBD in the product per container or serving. It’s also a good idea to say precisely how concentrated the product is — most often in milligrams.

CBD manufacturers must show a list of ingredients. Customers will want to know the source of CBD like if it’s from hemp extract or other sources. 

Your packaging should include storage information to maintain the product’s quality when not in use. If you produce CBD in batches, include a batch number for easier identification should there be a need to recall your items.

It’s considered best practice not to include details that you cannot prove to be true. For example, you can’t make claims that CBD can prevent or cure ailments. You can check with the FDA for clarification on how to market your products.

Types of CBD Packaging

So what kind of packaging can you use for CBD products? There are several options. 

Product Boxes

custom cbd product box

Product boxes are outer shells that house CBD products themselves. They’re commonly used for storing bottles, vape cartridges, jars, and other forms of product containers. 

There are multiple reasons why you’d want to use product boxes. For starters, they help with branding. And you can use them to relay product information. A great product box design can take your presentation to a whole other level too.

More importantly, they keep your main packaging safe while on display or kept in storage.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are a step above product boxes. These are typically larger than product boxes — some mailer boxes can even fit several product boxes inside. That makes them the ideal packaging for samplers or kits.

You can also ship products inside mailer boxes. These are made from thick, corrugated boards which are more than enough to protect products during transport. 

It is possible to configure the dimensions of mailer boxes. That way, your products will fit your mailer boxes perfectly.

Shipping Boxes

custom cbd shipping box

Having shipping boxes means you’ll be able to fulfill bulk orders when needed. Standard shipping boxes are significantly larger than mailer boxes. However, you can make them smaller to suit your needs. 

Unlike mailer boxes that use flaps to seal their lids, you’ll have to use tape to secure shipping boxes. 

Shipping boxes are handy for keeping products in storage. If you’ll need to keep products in your warehouse for some time, you should store them inside shipping boxes for added protection.

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are a great alternative to product boxes. They’re ideal for storing CBD products like gummies, chocolates, capsules, powders, and pet treats.

These are great for sellers with retail locations because stand-up pouches look amazing on store shelves and counters. As its name implies, these pouches can stand on their own. However, adding hang holes will let you hook them on pegboard displays and store panels.

By the way, pouches are resealable. That’s why they’re great for CBD products that customers don’t consume in one sitting.

Lay-Flat Pouches

custom cbd lay-flay pouch

Lay-flat pouches are similar to stand-up pouches — but you can’t make these stand on their own. Instead, they lay flat on counters, drawers, or display tables. 

One advantage of using lay-flat pouches is that they’re easier to stack on top of one another. They also look better when hooked on displays.

As with stand-up pouches, you can add zippers to make them resealable. Both pouches are made from the same material, meaning you can use them to store the same types of products.

Gift Bags

Consider using gift bags if you’re looking for an alternative to plastic shopping bags. Not only are gift bags reusable, but they make your presentation so much better. Your business will look so professional.

Gift bags are made from a tough material. They can hold a considerable amount of weight. And these bags make designs look amazing when paired with the right finish.

If you’re attending trade shows and similar events, you can use gift bags to give away samples or other freebies.

CBD Promotional Materials

Grow your business with the help of CBD promotional materials. You can use these to get more eyes on your brand and let people know what you have to offer. 

These are just some of the materials you can print that pair well with CBD packaging.

Business Cards

custom cbd business card

Business cards remain one of the best networking tools you can have in your pocket. If you attend CBD-themed conferences, trade shows, and networking events a lot then cards are a worthy investment.

You can hand them out in your store as well to let shoppers know how they can reach you. Some businesses would even slip them inside the boxes they ship to customers.

Packaging Tape

You can customize packaging tape to have your branding elements on it like your business name and logo. Or you can use it to send messages to customers or relay instructions to couriers. 

As mentioned earlier, shipping boxes require sellers to seal them with packaging tape. Custom packaging tape not only secures your packaging but also deters tampering. 

Header Cards

custom cbd header card

Header cards are packaging accessories used to seal plastic pouches. They come with hang holes so businesses can display items on shelves using hooks or pegs. They’re meant to provide branding and product information.

Startups like using header cards because they’re one of the most economical packaging solutions available. They make it possible to add branding to clear plastic bags.


Labels are versatile branding materials that you could use for just about anything. Use them to seal boxes and gift bags, identify products, add information, provide warnings, promote events, satisfy regulatory requirements, and more.

You can use labels for just about anything. Some even stick them to packaging to thank customers for supporting their CBD business.

Thank You Cards

custom cbd thank you card

Thank you cards are another way businesses show customers how much they appreciate them. These are typically the size of a postcard but you can make them as small or as big as you want.

Make it a habit to include one with every order you mail customers to earn their trust. You can also use these cards to educate customers about CBD and the other products you offer.


These are just some of the packaging you could use to grow your CBD business. If you’d like to learn more about CBD packaging, you can call or chat with a PackM representative to know all your options. 

And if you’re interested in designing your own packaging, check out our guide on designing CBD packaging.

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