Best Type of Packaging for Pet Products

Learn about the types of pet packaging suited for each pet product.

Pet packaging plays an important role for consumers. For most, it’s the sole basis for their purchases. If the packaging can answer all their questions and address their concerns, it’s almost guaranteed to end up in a sale.

That’s the reason why businesses in this space put a lot of thought into the type of packaging they use. The more suitable they are to their products, the better their chances of selling through.

In today’s post, you’re going to learn which types of pet packaging are suited for your products.

What to Consider When Choosing Pet Packaging

Pet Mailer Box by Keyla Lerma Designs
Pet Mailer Box by Keyla Lerma Designs

You’ll want to take these into account when looking for custom pet packaging.


The most important thing to consider is safety. Your packaging should keep products in their best condition, especially if you’re selling food items. 

Packaging should keep air, moisture, direct sunlight, and other factors that could lower the quality of your products. 


How convenient is your packaging to carry around? Are they resealable? Can customers recycle your packaging?

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when thinking about pet packaging. Shoppers want features that will make their lives easier.

Product Details

Some pet retailers use nondescript packaging that doesn’t leave customers with enough product information. Don’t make that same mistake.

Use packaging that lets you add all the details shoppers need to make informed decisions. Explain what your products are supposed to do. And don’t forget to leave instructions on how to use them.


Branding is another important factor. You need to learn how to differentiate yourself from competitors. If most competing brands use boxes, then you might want to try using pouches instead.

Any distinction will help you get more attention from shoppers. Embrace any edge you can get over other brands.


If you’re mailing products to customers, you’ll want to use packaging that can withstand rough shipping conditions. 

You might even want to consider using multiple packaging solutions to get products to customers in the best condition.

Pet Product Packaging Options

Pet Accessories Box by Beyond the Bark
Pet Accessories Box by Beyond the Bark

Below are just some of the most commonly used types of pet packaging.

Carton Boxes

Best for: Pet bowls, feeders, toys, and other necessities

Most pet businesses will use carton boxes for their packaging. They’re versatile and offer sufficient protection. And because there are so many types to choose from, you’ll definitely find a box that’ll match the aesthetic you’re going for.

Mailer Boxes

Best for: Pet essentials like grooming kits and hygiene products

Mailer boxes have a unique, luxurious look — which is why many businesses use them for higher-end products. They’re also bigger than a typical product box so they’re great for products sold as kits. They’re used as packaging by subscription businesses as well.

Shipping Boxes

Best for: Big and heavy items like pet beds, blankets, cat trees, and carriers

If you’re mailing products to customers, you’ll need shipping boxes. But they’re not just useful for transporting products. You can place larger products inside and convert them into product boxes. They’re suited for pet products like cages or carriers.

Gift Bags

Best for: Pet accessories like collars, leashes, and tags

Those with retail locations should consider adding gift bags to their packaging lineup. Customers can use these to carry products that don’t require outer packaging. Pet accessories like toys and leashes should be fine inside gift bags. 


Best for: Dry and wet pet food, dental chews, and treats

Pouches are the best type of packaging for products that you need to seal. Pouches will keep pet food safe because they’re sealed. And if you add zippers, customers can reseal them after every use. They have the added benefit of looking great on store shelves.

Poly Mailers

Best for: Pet products made from fabric and boxed products

Poly mailers are great for shipping pet products that aren’t susceptible to damage. Fabric products like pet clothing are typically mailed inside poly mailers. Some businesses will also use these to mail small, boxed items.

Bubble Mailers

Best for: Small or flat tech products 

Bubble mailers work just like poly mailers. The main difference is that bubble mailers are padded. So if you’re sending sensitive products, you’ll want to use this type of packaging. For example, you’ll want to keep pet GPS trackers safe during shipping.

Pet Packaging Tips

Pet Packaging by Camp Hound
Pet Packaging by Camp Hound

Keep these tips in mind when you design pet packaging for your business.

Offer a Variety of Sizes

Customers want variety because each one has different needs. Some like to buy in bulk while others prefer to purchase in small increments. This is especially the case for pet food. So if you’re going to order packaging, make sure you buy different sizes. 

Use Colorful Designs

Pet packaging is usually fun and colorful. There are exceptions, of course, but most pet businesses use bright colors to draw the shoppers in. It’s easier to convey your message if you appeal to your customers’ attention. 

Consider Sustainability

Sustainability is very important to consumers. So you’ll want to order environmentally friendly packaging to tick off that box. Boxes are recyclable so that shouldn’t be an issue. And there are printing companies that prioritize sustainability.

Let Customers See the Product

There are types of packaging that’ll show customers what’s inside the packaging. Clear pouches are a perfect example. Seeing the product gives customers the confidence they need to proceed with their purchase.

Add Packaging Accessories

There are pet packaging accessories that will enhance the customer buying experience. Adding labels can help provide customers with more product information. Having thank you cards inside each box you mail will make them feel great about their purchase.

If you attend pet conventions and trade shows, it’s always a good idea to bring business cards with you.


There are many types of packaging that you can use to store and ship products. These include cartons, mailer boxes, shipping boxes, pouches, and poly mailers.

When you order packaging, make sure you offer a lot of sizes so customers have some to choose from. It’s also a good idea to have colorful designs. Try to use sustainable packaging to keep shoppers happy. Add packaging accessories to enhance their buying experience.

If you need help with your pet packaging, give us a call or use live chat to get in touch with one of our representatives.

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