Designing Custom Boxes for Small Businesses

Learn about the ins and outs of crafting your very own custom box design.

Are you ready to give your small business a boost? 

Imagine if every time someone received your product, they got a little glimpse into the heart and soul of your brand. That's the power of designing custom boxes! 

It's not just about packaging — it's about creating a connection and making your brand unforgettable. And guess what? It's pretty easy to get started, especially when you've got the right tools at your fingertips. 

In this post, we're diving into the ins and outs of crafting your very own custom box design. Plus, we'll sprinkle in some handy tips to make your boxes memorable. 

Let's make your brand the talk of the town!

Why Is the Box Design Important?

Box design matters a lot, especially for small businesses. Professional packaging allows business owners to create an amazing first impression. Paying close attention to even the finer details of your design will show customers that you care about your brand presentation.

Mailer Box by Lulu Sweet Kawaii Shop
Mailer Box by Lulu Sweet Kawaii Shop

A unique box design will also allow you to stand out from competitors.

But it's not just about looks. You want to ensure that your boxes are rigid enough to keep your products safe as they make their way to customers. Customizing your box allows you to do just that. 

Think of your box as a mini billboard. Use it to show off your brand, share promos, or link to your social media pages. High-quality packaging can even make your products feel more luxurious.

Keeping your box design consistent helps build a strong, recognizable brand that customers trust. Investing in a great box design is a smart move for boosting customer satisfaction, enhancing your brand, and helping your small business shine.

Using Templates or Die-lines as Your Base

When it comes to crafting the perfect packaging for your products, starting with templates or die-lines can be a real game-changer. 

Think of templates as your best friend in the packaging world. They're ready-made guides that outline dimensions, layouts, and structures for you. This means you get to save a ton of time and energy, which is super handy when resources are tight. Plus, it makes the whole design process smoother and more cost-effective. 

Mailer Box Die-line

What's great about using a template is that it keeps everything consistent, ensuring each box is just the right size and offers solid protection for your products during shipping. 

Packaging experts craft these templates so you can rest easy knowing that your packaging supplier will print your boxes according to plan. 

Templates are super versatile too. There are plenty of shapes and sizes to fit your product and brand perfectly. And though they're pre-designed, you can still add a personal touch by inserting your brand colors, logos, and message.

Choose the Right Material and Size

Picking the perfect box size for your custom packaging is incredibly important. First off, you want your product to fit in its box. If it's too big, it'll bounce around during shipping which could lead to unwanted damage. Too small, and you might struggle to get it sealed up tight.

Custom Box by Hello Teddy Co
Custom Box by Hello Teddy Co

Then there's the whole shipping cost thing. Bigger boxes usually mean you're shelling out more cash because carriers charge by size and weight. Using the correct box size means you can cut down on unnecessary packaging and keep those shipping fees in check.

Plus, think about the moment your customer gets their hands on your package. It's like rolling out the red carpet for your product. A box that's just the right size not only keeps your product safe but also makes everything look neat and professional. 

Simply put:

Choosing the right box size is all about protecting your product, saving on costs, delighting your customers, and using resources wisely. 

There are many types of boxes to pick from including mailer boxes for smaller products and shipping boxes for transporting large product volumes.

Set the Color and Font

Choosing the right colors and fonts for your packaging is super important! 

Here's why: 

Colors touch our emotions and tell a story about your brand. Picking the right ones can make people feel a certain way about your products. Bright colors, for example, will create excitement while soft pastels calm people down. 

Pastel Boxes by Roo and Roo
Pastel Boxes by Roo and Roo

It's all about matching your brand vibe and connecting with your audience. 

Fonts are just as crucial because they express your brand's personality. Whether sleek and professional or fun and friendly — the right font speaks volumes. 

Colors and fonts make your packaging pop and create an awesome unboxing experience that customers love. They also help your products stand out and make it easy for customers to remember your brand.

Plan the Design

If you're diving into designing boxes for your small business, think of it as a fun project. Use this opportunity to show off what your brand's about. Make sure your customers love what they see. 

Custom Stationery Box by Xephii
Custom Stationery Box by Xephii

Start thinking about what your customers are like — think of it like setting the stage for a great show. Make sure your product fits snugly in the box and it's well protected. No one likes receiving damaged goods.

Get your creative hat on! Pick colors, fonts, and some cool images that'll make your customers feel your vibe. Imagine how the box unfolds and how everything looks from all angles. Your templates will show where your boxes will fold. Use that as your guide when planning your custom boxes.

Lastly, don't forget to chat with your team, customers, or professional packaging designers. Getting their take can help you tweak your design until it's perfect. 

Custom Box Examples

Here are some custom box designs to help get you in a creative mood.

Cookie Box by Laura the Cookie Lady
Cookie Box by Laura the Cookie Lady

Pet Supply Box by Keyla Lerma Designs
Pet Supply Box by Keyla Lerma Designs

Music-Themed Custom Box by Musically Minted
Music-Themed Custom Box by Musically Minted

Custom Cookie Box by Cookie Art KC
Custom Cookie Box by Cookie Art KC

Candle Box by Mochiglow
Candle Box by Mochiglow

We have more inspiring designs to share. Just visit the PackM Design Hub if you'd like to see more.


Designing custom boxes is essential for small businesses. Not only will it help you secure your packages but also give your brand an identity that your target audience can relate to.

Consider using templates or die-lines when you design custom boxes. These will help you produce boxes just the way you envisioned them. Remember that you can still add your own design when you use templates. So don't feel like it'll hamper your creativity.

Just make sure you find the suitable box material and size before downloading a template or die-line so you can plan accordingly.

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