How to Ship Cosmetics

Learn the best way to deliver cosmetic products and what packaging materials you can use for your business.

Shipping cosmetic products to customers isn’t as difficult as it seems. But there is a lot to learn if you want to do it more efficiently. 

In today’s post, you’re going to learn the best way to deliver cosmetic products and what packaging materials you can use for your business.

Common Cosmetic Shipping Concerns

Cosmetic Packaging Tape by Ash + Stone Skincare
Cosmetic Packaging Tape by Ash + Stone Skincare

These are some of the factors that online retailers have to consider when preparing cosmetic products for delivery. Keep them in mind as you prepare to fulfill your orders.

Product Damage

Cosmetic products are prone to damage. For instance, powder and eyeshadow casings can get cracks or dents during shipping if not packed properly. 

You’ll have to add filler materials to prevent items from rattling around during transport or customize your packaging size to fit your products securely.


Sending heavier boxes means paying higher shipping fees. You can offset that by using lighter packaging materials like poly mailers or resizing your boxes to be smaller. 

This can also influence how you structure your pricing. Some brands let customers shoulder the shipping costs. But if your packages don’t weigh so much, you can offer free shipping and pay the fees out of your pocket.


Are your products sensitive to temperature changes? This isn’t much of an issue if you’re selling from a retail location. But it can be a problem if you’re going to ship them to customers.

Make sure you pick packaging that’s suited for cosmetics. A thicker box, for example, can offer some protection against low temperatures. You can also consider using multiple layers of product packaging.


If your products come in liquid form, then leakage might become a problem. In these cases, the best thing to do is to add warning labels. Use them to provide proper handling instructions.

There are also sealable packaging materials that you can use to transport liquid products. You can wrap tissue paper around your products to absorb some liquids from bottles or canisters.


Choosing the right carrier will have a big impact on your shipping logistics. Do a lot of research to learn more about how they price their services and how they intend to deliver your products.

Try to see if they have features that would be useful for you, especially if you’re just a startup or a small business. 

How to Pack Cosmetic Products for Shipping

Cosmetic Boxes by The Serene Essentials
Cosmetic Boxes by The Serene Essentials

As long as you prepare ahead of time and have all the packaging materials you’ll need, then prepping your products for shipping should be easy.

Here’s everything you need to know about packaging cosmetic product orders.

Secure Products in Inner Packaging

You can’t just place your products inside a shipping box and call it a day. You’ll have to put them inside some form of inner packaging first. The most popular option would be product boxes. However, there are other available options.

Lay-flat and stand-up pouches make great inner packaging too. Both are resealable which can keep cosmetic products fresh for a long time.

Add Labels

Labels can help not only with branding but with product information as well. Make sure you label all of your products before you pack them. 

If you’d like to leave instructions for customers, you can write them down on thank you cards. You can also add business cards if you need a way to give customers your contact details or social media handles.

Use Packaging Accessories

Packaging accessories help improve your product presentation. For example, you can use hang tags to provide customers with details about your cosmetic brand. 

If you want your products to be more secure, you can wrap them in cosmetic tissue paper. Adding these small details can really impress your customers. These will make your products feel more premium compared to competing brands.

Place in Shipping Box or Poly Mailer

When you’re ready, place your products inside your shipping box. Pack them in as securely as you can. Use packaging fillers if you have to so that products don’t move around during transport.

If you find shipping boxes too large, you can order mailer boxes instead. Not only are these smaller, but they’re more presentable too. They’re ideal for unboxing videos or as subscription boxes.

Some businesses refer to shipping boxes as outer packaging.

Enter Shipping Information

After sealing your boxes with packaging tape, you’ll need to attach the shipping information. You’ll need to provide both sender and recipient information — including names and addresses.

Some are also required to leave details like the dimensions and weight of packages along with special handling instructions if applicable. It’s best to coordinate with your courier of choice and ask about what other details they’ll need.

When all of that is done, you can send your boxes to your carrier or arrange for them to pick them up from your store or warehouse.

Regular vs Customized Packaging

Minimalist Boxes by Whipped Bath Co.
Minimalist Boxes by Whipped Bath Co.

There are no rules about shipping products in regular, unbranded boxes and containers. However, this isn’t a good idea — especially for cosmetic brands.

You want to leave a good first impression. And you want to stand out from other competitors in your space. Customizing your packaging can do that.

Create a design that will draw your customers’ attention. It’ll make your brand more visible. You can also personalize your boxes to suit your target market. If you’re a hip, cool cosmetic brand then make sure your packaging reflects that.

You’ll also appear more professional to your customers. Sending them unbranded boxes will not instill confidence. But branded boxes will make them trust your brand even more. 

PackM lets you create a design from scratch through its Design Tool. So there’s no need to download and learn a graphic design app. Just design your packaging on our site. 

You can just upload your logo or any other design asset you might need. If you don’t have a logo, you can create one using the same tool. There’s a live preview that will show you what your shipping box will look like once printed.

Call or start a live chat with PackM to learn more about our cosmetic packaging products.

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