The Importance of a Great Unboxing Experience

Learn what makes an excellent unboxing experience and why you need it. Check out tips on creating memorable unboxing experiences for your customers.

The Importance of a Great Unboxing Experience

Businesses need to create a remarkable unboxing experience to keep gaining new customers and hold on to the ones they already have. But why is that? 

In today's post, we'll dive deep into what makes an excellent unboxing experience and why you need it. We're also giving tips on creating memorable unboxing experiences for your customers.

Let's begin.

What Does Unboxing Experience Mean?

Poly Mailers by Adelaide’s Fort

First, let's define what an unboxing experience means.

An unboxing experience refers to the first time a customer interacts with your product packaging. This includes moments like inspecting the packaging, reading the copy, unsealing the box, and taking out the product inside.

The idea is that brands that put a lot of thought into their packaging are the ones who genuinely care about their customers. Recipients gauge how they feel about a company based on whether they had a positive unboxing experience or not.

A good unboxing experience provides businesses with more opportunities to grow their brand and earn the respect of their audience.

Why Do Customers Need an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience?

Below are some reasons customers feel strongly about a positive unboxing experience.

Create a Good First Impression

Customers need to feel like you're someone who cares about their satisfaction right from the start. Next to offering an outstanding product, your packaging is the best way to show that. 

It shows that you pay attention even to the smallest details. And more importantly, it makes your company seem more professional in your customers' eyes.

Connect With Customers Emotionally

Name Card Inserts by The Little Pink Panda
Name Card Inserts by The Little Pink Panda

Product unboxings sometimes leave customers emotional — and that's a great thing. You want customers to feel moved by their purchase. It means you were able to connect with them on a deeper level.

This is especially true for nostalgic purchases. You want to use packaging that reflects how they might feel about their purchase.

Increase the Perceived Value

If customers have a great unboxing experience, it'll reflect well on your brand and products. This raises the perceived value of your goods. It'll make your products feel extra special.

When that happens, your customers will talk to friends and family about it. They might even post them on social media. Your brand will spread through word of mouth and people will try to buy your product hoping to experience the same thing.

Improve Branding

A good unboxing experience will have an effect on your branding. You'll be seen as the go-to brand for excellent quality and attention to detail. 

Again, great packaging shows people the kind of quality you can provide. If you don't put any thought into it, people will be disappointed. It'll look like you don't care. But if you offer an unboxing experience unlike any other, your brand will soar above your competitors.

Hype Up a Product

If customers are excited about their purchase, your boxes could drive their excitement even further. There are creative ways to hype up a product through packaging. For example, you can add copy that'll speak to your target audience.

You can also make customers excited through your design. A visually appealing product photo might be all you need to hype up your product.

Make It Shareable

Jewelry Mailer Boxes by Astaea Jewelry
Jewelry Mailer Boxes by Astaea Jewelry

People love to share their unboxings with their followers online. If you make it worthwhile, your products could be featured on social media, YouTube, and other channels.

This is especially true for one-of-a-kind packaging. If it's not something your customers usually experience, you can bet it'll end up online. With any luck, an unboxing featuring your products could even go viral.

Differentiate From Competitors

Your competitors could be using plain packaging to mail their products. So, if you use custom packaging, you'll have a clear advantage over them.

Use your packaging to state what makes you the better option. Give your customers a reason to trust you. Make yourself the better brand to do business with. Create an unboxing experience that'll differentiate you from other brands.

Reduce Turnover

If customers enjoyed their unboxing experience, it could lead to fewer turnovers. They won't be as determined to return your products for whatever reason.

One way of achieving reduced turnover is to provide information through your packaging. Help your customers understand how to use the product. If they figure out how to use your product correctly, there'll be less frustration and more enjoyment.

How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Custom T-Shirt Boxes by Slumptown Supply Co.
Custom T-Shirt Boxes by Slumptown Supply Co.

Creating a memorable unboxing experience is surprisingly easy. All it takes are the right tools and a little creativity.

Use Custom Packaging

You'll want to customize your packaging. This includes picking the right packaging size and materials. Of course, you'll want to create packaging designs that complement your branding.

There are different packaging materials you could use to present products to customers and enhance their unboxing experience. These include:

  • Shipping Boxes — Boxes used to mail orders to customers. Used as an outer shell to protect the main packaging and the product inside.
  • Mailer Boxes — Shipping boxes used to mail smaller items. Can also replace a traditional product box. 
  • Product Boxes — The main packaging used to store the products themselves. 
  • Gift Bags — Packaging that makes it easier to transport items. Often used in a retail setting.
  • Pouches — Seals products inside packaging to protect them from air, moisture, and other potential contaminants.
  • Poly Mailers — Plastic bags used to ship non-fragile products like clothing and stuffed toys.

Add Packaging Accessories

Packaging accessories can make a huge difference in your presentation. They spice up your boxes and gift bags. And they also protect your packaging in some way.

Labels add another visual element while keeping your packaging secure and providing customers with all the necessary product information. Tissue paper keeps it classy while acting as a cushion for items during transport.

Custom Packaging Tape by Kawaii Flavor
Custom Packaging Tape by Kawaii Flavor

Custom packaging tape seals boxes to deter people from accessing their content. Flat cards let you insert personalized messages that'll put a smile on your customers' faces.

Make a Unique Design

You don't want to use a generic packaging design. That does very little to improve the unboxing experience. Instead, come up with a design that'll impress your customers.

The design doesn't have to be elaborate. Sometimes a minimalist design works best. It's all about your brand. What do you want your customers to think and feel when they inspect your packaging?

Use that as inspiration as you come up with your packaging design.

Include Freebies

Bubble Mailers by Unicorn Eclipse
Bubble Mailers by Unicorn Eclipse

Offering freebies will never fail to get your customers in a great mood, especially if they weren't expecting to get one. 

If you can't offer free items, try discount cards or exclusive invites to your events. Anything that provides additional value will do wonders for your brand.

Tell Your Brand Story

You can use your packaging to tell your brand's story. Tell people what your company is all about. For example: If you're all about saving the environment and your customers feel just as strongly about it as you, then make sure you use eco-friendly packaging.

Make your customers feel like they're participating in your cause before they even open your packaging.


There are plenty of reasons to make your customers' unboxing experience as awesome as possible. It leaves a good first impression, connects you with customers on a deeper level, increases your product's perceived value, and helps improve your branding.

You're also improving your product's chances of going viral on social media and reducing turnover rates.

To make your product packaging more memorable, you must use custom packaging, add packaging accessories, create a unique design, throw in some freebies, and tell your brand story.

If you'd like to learn more about product packaging, give us a call or get in touch via live chat. We'll help you find suitable packaging materials for your business. You can also send us an email at

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