Beginner's Guide to Custom Packaging

With the emergence of e-commerce, small businesses now have the opportunity to grow at a much faster pace and compete with big-name competitors like never before.

With the emergence of e-commerce, small businesses now have the opportunity to grow at a much faster pace and compete with big-name competitors like never before.

Social media and easy-to-build websites have been very helpful platforms for new businesses to grow and differentiate themselves. Another way to stand out in this ever-changing market is to have the correct and unique packaging to represent your brand and create an unforgettable first impression.

You may ask, what are the most important things I should know before creating custom packaging for my business? That is why we created this beginner’s guide to custom packaging to teach you all you need about custom packaging and more.

The Design

Every brand and every custom packaging starts with a design that is placed on shipping boxes and product boxes. The design usually tells the story behind the brand, includes brand colors, and also delivers a message that aligns with the goals of the company.

custom design mailer box

Investing in a design that is unique to the brand from the beginning, helps to stand out and give persona especially when placed on the packaging.

Upload Your Design

There are several ways to create a custom packaging design, including using premade templates. These templates have already been designed by professionals and are available to use commercially. It is a quick and cost officiant way for small businesses to start their journey. Upload your design, make changes, and twist on it.

Design Online

For those who want to stand out more, PackM offers the online 3D design tool that allows the business owner to create their design, from scratch. For all DIY lovers, you can Upload your logo and images, add text, shapes and preview your box in 3D in real-time.

Design by PackM

We also offer in-house design services, for those who are looking to create a unique design by professional designers. This form of design will allow you to deliver your message through fully customized packaging, created for your brand.

Choosing the Box Style

It is crucial to understand the difference between boxes and identify which is the best one for the products that your business offers. This will provide cost efficiency and a pleasant unboxing experience for customers.

In order to identify the type of packaging, we are breaking that the purpose and structure of each box style.


Each box that is made of corrugated material has its lute. The flute is the thickness of the corrugated material that makes up the box. the actual fluting can be seen as the wavy grooves on the edges of your box. This also resembles how durable a box is. For example, mailer boxes consist of E-Flute (1/16th inch thick) while Shipping Boxes are commonly B- Flute (1/8th inch thick).

Box Styles

Mailer Box

Mailer boxes have been the most sought-after style of boxes in the past couple of years. They are very easy to assemble and provide a great unboxing experience because of the way they fold and open. Because of their fluting, mailers are commonly used for e-commerce, retail, subscription, and PR kits.

custom mailer box

Shipping Box

Shipping boxes are the original boxes that have been around for a while. Although they are not as popular, they serve their purpose when needed. These types of boxes have a more durable structure that is great for heavier, perishables, and fragile products.

custom shipping box

Product Box

Products Boxes come in different shapes and materials. The purpose of these boxes is to secure and showcase product information. This is the packaging that the customer sees on the shelf or at the end of an unboxing, before getting to the product. Product boxes are commonly used by cosmetic companies, food, beverages, and candles.

custom product box


After deciding on the box style and structure, the last thing to chose is the packaging material. PackM offers the most popular packing materials in the market.

Standard White (Matte)
Premium White (Glossy)


After choosing the right box type that fits your product the best, you can fully customize the size of your box and the finish material. Finally, add your design and create your custom packaging using our 3D software.

Custom Labels

Custom labels are mostly used on products to showcase details and important information such as product names, ingredients, directions, and more. Additionally, they can be used as accessories for your mailer boxes and secure the opening.

With a variety of shapes and materials available, custom labels are a versatile item for your business.

At PackM, you can add your own design, color, and chose from different sizes and materials using our custom label services.


After completing all the necessary products to create custom packaging, now it’s time to add your own twist by adding accessories that will elevate the unboxing experience.

Tissue Papers

Custom branded tissue papers are a great addition to any packaging for delivering an elegant experience. Tissue papers are mostly used to wrap the product both for presentation and protecting the items inside the box. Combining mailer boxes and tissue papers creates a capture-worthy unboxing experience.


Custom tapes are one of the most cost-efficient ways to include extra branding on your boxes. Instead of using regular tapes, create your custom tape and use it to personalize your customers’ experience.


Shredded paper is commonly used inside the packaging to fill voids, protect products and create an enhancing experience. It is an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to personalize packaging.

The complete package

Now that you have a general understanding of all the steps and materials you need to create a custom packaging, there is only one thing left to do. Head to our website, and start creating your dream custom packaging.

At PackM, we value every business and we thrive to create the best custom packaging for each and every one. That is why we offer our 3D technology so you can customize your packaging and all the other accessories.

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