Best Products for Poly Mailers

Learn what poly mailers are and how to use them to save money on shipping.

Do you need an affordable way of shipping products to customers? 

Every penny really does add up, doesn't it? Especially when you're running a small business. Those shipping costs can sneak up on you and take a big bite out of your budget if you're not careful. 

But if you usually ship just a few products per order, there's good news for you. There's a clever way for you to cut down on those shipping expenses — poly mailers.

In this post, you'll learn what poly mailers are and how to use them to save money on shipping. You'll even get an idea of what products you can ship with this beautiful packaging solution.

What are Poly Mailers?

Poly Mailers by Summers Threads
Poly Mailers by Summers Threads

Poly mailers are these super handy, lightweight envelopes that are perfect for shipping stuff like clothes, books, and other products that don't break easily. 

They're made from polyethylene which is where they get their name from. Because they're plastic, they're waterproof and really tough. They don't add much weight to your package either which brings down shipping costs. 

Poly mailers come with a convenient adhesive strip to quickly seal them up. 

You can customize them with your logo or any fun design if you want to make your packages stand out. This helps small businesses look pretty professional with their customers.

Use Cases

Different types of small businesses use poly mailers because they're cheap and water-resistant. They're an excellent substitute for custom boxes, especially if you're not mailing anything sensitive or fragile. 

Here's a list of online businesses that typically use poly mailers to send products to customers.


Poly Mailers by Stitchin With Samantha
Poly Mailers by Stitchin With Samantha

Did you know that many online shops love using poly mailers to send out cool items like shirts, pants, scarves, flip-flops, makeup, toys, and all sorts of products? 

If it can snugly fit into a little plastic bag, you can send it in a poly mailer. It's like giving your product a cozy ride to its new home!

Subscription Box Services

Poly mailers are a big hit with subscription box companies too. These businesses put a ton of effort and resources into making their boxes look amazing. 

Using poly mailers is their way of keeping their investment safe and sound.


If you own a bookstore, you can also use poly mailers to ship books and similar products. You can send hardcover books as is but consider wrapping them in custom tissue paper for added protection.


You can ship small electronic products and components inside poly mailers. But because these are sensitive items, you should place them inside a product box. 

You could also try bubble mailers which provide more protection through their built-in padding. 


Some food items like cookies, spices, herbs, tea, coffee, chips, jerky, and powdered drinks are perfectly suited for shipping in poly mailers. 

However, sending fresh produce this way isn't a great idea. To ensure everything looks fantastic when customers open their packages, nestle your products in a protective casing before sending them off.


Poly Mailers by Kindness and Koffee
Poly Mailers by Kindness and Koffee

Every detail counts — from selecting the perfect size to match your products like a glove to choosing eye-catching designs that resonate with your brand identity. 

It's all about creating an unboxing experience that secures your products and impresses customers. 

You'll want to keep these in mind when ordering custom poly mailers for your small business.

Proper Sizing

You'll want to measure your products to ensure they fit into your poly mailers. Poly mailers come in standard sizes. Choosing a size bigger than your products is a good idea. This ensures that they fit perfectly.


The fun part of creating custom poly mailers is being able to design them however you want. You want to explore all your options.

Did you know you can print poly mailers in one color? These are great for businesses that want a classic, minimalist look. And they're cheaper than full-color poly mailers.

But full-color poly mailers give your designs a chance to truly shine. They're ideal for brands that want their packaging to stand out.


Poly Mailers by Gia Design Co
Poly Mailers by Gia Design Co

Here are other considerations you'll want to keep in mind when creating poly mailers for clothing and other products.

Fragile Items

If you're transporting fragile items, make sure you use filler material. Bubble wrap is a fantastic option but you can place your products inside a box with packing paper.

International Shipping

You can ship products internationally using poly mailers. However, you'll want to take precautionary measures. Shipping fragile items in poly mailers is only advisable if their destinations are within the country.

Seasonal Promotions

Poly mailers are particularly handy when running seasonal promotions. They're less bulkier than boxes so they don't take up as much space when not in use. And they're convenient for packing products thanks to their self-sealing feature.

Customer Experience

Poly mailers look professional and keep things safe. They're easy to handle and come in different designs. All of these factors make the whole unboxing experience pleasant for everyone.


Poly mailers are lightweight and waterproof plastic packaging. Businesses use them to ship non-fragile items to customers like clothes, books, food, and certain types of electronic products. Some subscription services rely on poly mailers to send their products.

When ordering custom poly mailers, measure your products and order bags that are one size larger. Be creative with your design to stand out. This helps make your customers' unboxing experience extra special.

Use packaging fillers when shipping fragile items so they don't break as they make their way to customers. This is even more important when shipping internationally. Poly mailers can help you pack products more efficiently when running seasonal promotions because, unlike boxes, these are self-sealing.

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