What to Include in PR Packages: Tips and Ideas

Learn about what PR packages and how to create one. Check out these tips and ideas to help you get the best results.

Do you want to get exposure from journalists, celebrities, and influencers? Then send them PR packages.

PR packages can get your products in front of thousands—if not millions—of people who may not have heard of your brand before. And even better, this type of PR campaign won’t cost as much compared to traditional marketing tactics.

If you’re running a small- or medium-sized business, you owe it to yourself to try this strategy at least once to see if it’s the right approach to take.

Today, you’re going to learn what PR packages are and how to create one. You’ll also find tips and ideas to help you get the best results.

Let’s begin.

What Is a PR Package? 

Fitness PR Package

A PR package, also known as a PR box, refers to product kits sent to individuals who have a massive following online. 

The goal is to make them like the package so much that they share it with their audience through social media posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, or any of their other platforms.

Posts about PR packages tend to live on forever. For example, people should be able to find PR package unboxings on YouTube unless uploaders restrict access or delete their accounts. That makes this a better investment than running commercials that will only air several times.

As for the recipients of these packages, they can create content out of the products you send. Examples include unboxing, review, and comparison videos.

The Benefits of Sending PR Packages

There are other benefits to using PR packages aside from the ones just mentioned. Here are just a couple.

You Establish a Relationship With the Community

Brands need to reach out to the community and build a relationship with them. Make them feel like they’re part of what you’re trying to build as a company. If the community sees you trying to work with the people they follow, they’ll be more receptive to what you have to offer.

You Generate Product Reviews

Businesses need reviews to show potential customers how good their products are. PR packages can help with that. You can quote the reviews done by influencers and journalists and put them on your website.

You Get People to Talk About Your Brand

People will talk to friends and family about your products if they like what they see. That’s why you have to leave a good impression. Be sure to only use the best packaging products for your PR campaign.

You Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

Not all your competitors will launch a PR package campaign. So this might help you differentiate your brand. Make your products the ones people talk about in the comments section of unboxing videos.

Tips on Creating and Mailing PR Packages

You can’t just ship PR boxes to influencers. Put some thought into how you’re going to present your products. That’s the only way you’re going to get any attention.

PR box unboxing

Here are some tips on how to create and mail PR packages.

Choose the Right Products

While some businesses send only one product for review, others bundle products together. You need to think about what products you’re going to send. They have to be relevant to the influencers and their audience.

Also, you might want to set a budget limit. You don’t want to give away too many products. Consider their dollar value and how much business you expect to generate from this campaign.

Consider the Target Audience

You can’t give away products to just anyone with a huge following. Look at the people watching these influencers. See if their target audience would be interested in what you’re selling. And even if they are, will they buy them if given a chance?

Take a peek at your site analytics. It will help you understand who is buying your products. Then find influencers who attract the same people.

Inform the Recipient First

There’s nothing influencers hate more than businesses who send PR packages without notifying them first. Influencers don’t like receiving unsolicited packages because of the logistics involved. 

Sometimes they go out of town and there’s nobody available to pick up deliveries. And even if they are there to receive packages, not all of them have enough room to store them. So it’s better to check with them first before shipping your boxes.

Give Talking Points

It’s okay to give influencers some talking points — there are even those who prefer having them. These make it easier for creators to write their scripts or learn about your product’s best features. 

But don’t go overboard. Let them talk to their audience the way they want to. This will make their videos or posts seem more organic.

Leave a Thank You Note

Adding a thank you note would be a nice touch, especially if it’s handwritten. You’ll want to personalize each one based on who you’re reaching out to. 

It’s the proper thing to do considering influencers are choosing to highlight your brand to their audience. It can even open the door for future collaborations.

Make Them Worthy of Sharing on Social Media

Unboxing videos are highly popular on social media. But these don’t perform well when there’s nothing special about the boxes featured in the video. 

PR Box video

Things would go smoother if you use eye-catching designs that will make each box stand out. 

Include a Promo Code

Including a promo code incentivizes people to buy from you straight away. It also gives influencers one more reason to share your product with their followers.

If you’re worried about your budget, you can limit the number of people who can use the promo code. Or you can set a date when the promotion ends.

Have a Theme

Having a theme can tie all your products together. For example, you can put together a product kit that you would normally associate with Christmas. The screenshot below is from an unboxing video where the reviewer only featured pastel products.

PR Package Design Video

This would make it easier for audiences to digest the message that influencers want to convey. At the very least, it can make the unboxing experience more fun for everyone.

Track Your Packages

Track your packages if your courier gives you the option to. This will give you some peace of mind knowing that your shipment is on its way to its intended destination.

It will also avoid any confusion with the influencers. You can assure them that their packages are on the way. And if they don’t get them, you could give them a tracking ID for reference.

Have a Call to Action

Let people know what you want them to do after watching the videos or reading the reviews. Have influencers include a call to action from you.

It could ask people to visit your website for more information, for example, Or you have them sign up for a subscription.

PR Packaging Ideas

Your PR package should include the best products you have to offer or the latest release that you want people to know about.

But that’s only half the battle. 

What’s just as important is the packaging you use for your products. It’s all about the unboxing experience. If that goes well, you’ll likely receive better product reviews. It will also show that you care deeply about customers.

So what packaging materials can you use? Here are a couple of suggestions.

Custom PR Boxes

Custom PR Boxes by curlycue
Custom PR Boxes

Custom PR Boxes are the ideal packaging solution for businesses that need to send products to influencers. You can customize not only their design but also their dimensions as well. Doing so will make sure that your products will fit in perfectly.

Shipping Boxes

A shipping box will also work, especially if you need to send a bulky item or multiple products for review. You might also want to consider using a shipping box if you don’t want your hero box to get damaged or dirtied during transport.

Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes might not be the type of box that comes to mind when talking about PR boxes. However, they’re about the right size for the job. And it’s easy to come up with designs for these boxes that will make them stand out in unboxing videos.


Custom PR Pouches
Custom PR Pouches

If you want to make your product look more premium, put them inside custom pouches. There are other benefits to using pouches. The most important would be preventing water damage — which is very important if you’re sending electronics.

Labels and Stickers

Small touches like branded labels and stickers are important. If you’ve ever watched an unboxing video, you’ll notice that reviewers pay a lot of attention to every detail. Using a sticker or label to seal the box will make your packaging feel more special.

Tissue Paper

You need to pay attention to the inside of your PR box too. What else should you put in there aside from your products? What about custom tissue paper? It can protect the product and make sure that it looks fantastic when the influencer opens the box.

Packaging Tapes

PR Packaging Tape
PR Packaging Tape

If you’ve decided to use shipping boxes, you can use a branded packaging tape to seal them up. It’s the same concept as using stickers to seal PR boxes. You want to make sure that recipients know exactly where their boxes came from.

Wrapping Paper

If you don’t like the idea of sending bare packaging, use gift wrapping paper. You can print your own wrapping paper and customize them to look however you want. It’s a good idea to print one with your branding on it along with a special message for your target audience.

Thank You Cards

Speaking of leaving a special message, what better way to show your appreciation than by including a thank you card in the PR box? This will also allow you to talk to the influencer’s audience and promote your product or provide a promo code.

PR Package Examples

Here are four PR boxes that our customers printed to promote their businesses. Hope that these might provide some inspiration as you think of a design for your own packaging.

Event PR Boxes by Stage Pilot
Event PR Boxes by Stage Pilot

Aesthetic PR Boxes by Wild Rina
Aesthetic PR Boxes by Wild Rina

Pastel Candle PR Boxes by Mochiglow

Apparel PR Boxes by Reborn Club
Apparel PR Boxes by Reborn Club

You’ll find other product designs on the PackM Design Hub.

If you’d ever like to design and print your own PR packaging, come visit PackM. It’s a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs. We have everything from PR boxes to thank you cards.

You can use our Design Tool to create a design from scratch. It’s free and easy to use. And you don’t need to download anything to get started. Everything is done online.  

Give us a call or chat with one of our representatives if you have questions or concerns.

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