Unleash Your Creativity: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using PackM's 3D Design Tool

Learn how to use PackM's 3D design tool to make your own custom packaging.

Designing your custom packaging is exciting! At PackM, we offer multiple ways to bring your vision to life. You can upload your print-ready design, collaborate with one of our in-house designers, or get started using our user-friendly 3D design tool.

This guide is perfect for those ready to take the reins and design their packaging directly on our platform.

Before you begin:

  • Gather your design elements! This includes logos, fonts, any specific design elements, and the exact dimensions of your product packaging.
  • High-resolution files are ideal for crisp, clean printing. But don't worry—PNGs and JPEGs work, too—just make sure they're high-quality (300 dpi).

Step 1: Choose Your Box Style and "Design Online"

  1. Select your desired custom box style from our wide variety of options.
  2. Click the "Design Online" button once you've found the perfect fit.

Step 2: Upload Your Logo or Image

Click on the "Logo or Image" icon to upload your creative assets, such as logos, patterns, vector graphics, or photographs.

If you have a PDF of all or part of your design, click on Upload PDF instead. If you're uploading a finished design, make sure to turn off the guide layers before uploading it so they don't accidentally print.

Pro Tip: Ensure the resolution is high enough to avoid pixelation. A dpi of 300 or more is recommended.

Step 3: Apply Your Design to the Packaging

  1. After uploading your assets, choose to start designing the inside or outside of the box.
  2. Upload your first design element and position it as desired. Remember to consider folds and how your pattern will continue across the box.

Step 4: Add Pizzazz With Additional Design Elements

  1. Unleash your creativity! Use the left-hand navigation bar to add shapes, text, or a background to your design. If you have a pre-made design ready to go, you'll also find the upload icon here.
  2. If you're designing both sides of the packaging, repeat steps 2-4 to add your design to the other side.

Step 5: Preview and Finalize Your Design

  1. Use the 3D preview on the right side of the screen to ensure your design elements look precisely how you envisioned them.
  2. Are you satisfied with your masterpiece? Click the "Save & Continue" button to add your design to your cart.

Step 6: Add to Cart and Proof Your Design (It's Important!)

You'll be directed to your cart where you can choose to "Waive Proof" or "Send Proof." We highly recommend selecting "Send Proof" to receive a digital file via email and double-check everything before it goes to print. This is also recommended if you've made edits to a previous order. Once you approve the proof, your design will be printed.

Ready to learn more?

For more information on packaging types and design best practices, check out our Beginner's Guide to Custom Packaging

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