What Should a PR Box Look Like?

Learn about what a PR box should look like, what you should put inside of one, and the factors to consider as you put a box together.

A PR box should look special. You’re not only presenting your products to influencers but to their audience as well. So you need to be at the top of your game.

Today, you’re going to learn what a PR box should look like and what you should put inside of one. You’ll also know what factors to consider as you put a box together.

Let’s start by defining what PR boxes are and why they matter.

What Is a PR Box?

High-Quality Mailer Boxes by Xephii
High-Quality Mailer Boxes by Xephii

You can think of PR boxes as kits that you send out to people with a massive following—influencers, journalists, content creators—to get exposure for your brand.

If you’ve ever seen a YouTuber do an unboxing video on YouTube, there’s a good chance that what they opened was a PR box.

Each box should contain the products you’re trying to promote. The influencers will then document their unboxings and post them on social media, YouTube, or other online platforms.

That’s the reason why businesses will go out of their way to make incredible packaging. They know the potential that these unboxing videos and reviews can do for their sales. 

If influencers and their audience liked what you sent, you could end up selling a lot of products.

What to Look for in a PR Box?

Plushy Mailer Boxes by Lulu Sweet Kawaii Shop
Plushy Mailer Boxes by Lulu Sweet Kawaii Shop

There’s only so much you can do to the product to customize it for influencers. If you’re trying to promote phone cases, for example, then maybe you could paint them a different color specifically for your PR campaign. 

But you can’t deviate from what the product actually is.

Why is that? Because people who end up buying the product will notice that what they saw online isn’t the same as what they received. This could reflect poorly on your brand.

So how else could you make your PR box special? Focus on the packaging instead.

Here are a couple of factors to consider when shopping for a PR box.


How does the box look? Will it look great on camera? Can you print your design on them?

Using a generic box is totally out of the question. A PR box needs to stand out. It needs to look presentable. And most of all, it needs to set the right mood.

If you’re sending a box for Easter, for example, then it needs to look festive and fun. A plain, brown box just won’t cut it. Aim for something that will get people talking.


Your boxes need to be durable enough to handle shipping. There are box types that are built for that purpose. It would be best if you use those.

Look for packaging companies that use thick cardstock for their boxes. And while you’re there, ask if they use eco-friendly materials.


Customization isn’t just about being able to use your own design. It’s about having control over the box dimensions, material, and even quantity. 

You want to have these options. You want the influencer to feel like your packaging is purposefully built for them and their viewers.

Different Types of PR Boxes

White Outline Print Design Mailer Boxes by Kamiari Studio
White Outline Print Design Mailer Boxes by Kamiari Studio

There are several types of PR boxes you could use for your campaign.

The most common one that businesses order for unboxing videos is custom mailer boxes. These come with the added benefit of being easy to assemble because the self-locking lid is built right into the box. 

You can print your designs inside and outside the box. Specify the dimensions you want and order as few or as many as you need. 

Use shipping boxes if you need to send items in bulk or if you’re going to transport a big product. As with mailer boxes, you can adjust the dimensions of your box and specify exact order quantities.

Bangles Boxes by Pretty Girl Bangles
Bangles Boxes by Pretty Girl Bangles

Shoe boxes also make good PR packaging. With a good design, you can make these exceptional.

The Unboxing Experience: 6 PR Packaging Tips

Here are a couple of packaging tips for anyone working with influencers for the first time.

Send the Packaging at the Right Time

Look for the perfect timing when working with influencers. This is important especially if you want the unboxing video to go live before a specific date.

Take note that it takes time before PR boxes get to their destination. How long will depend on the courier so you better ask. If there’s an option to track your package, be sure to use it.

Also, keep in mind that influencers plan their videos and social media posts ahead of time. If you want your products to be featured within a specific period, you need to let them know so that they can accommodate you.

Arrange the Products in the Proper Order

You have to think like an influencer. They want to keep their unboxing videos interesting for their audience. You can help with that by packing your products in the proper order.

For example, you can build up excitement by packing the most important product at the bottom of the box so that it comes out last. The least important products should be at the top. 

Pastel Candle PR Boxes by Mochiglow
Pastel Candle PR Boxes by Mochiglow

If you’re including documentation, make sure that it’s the first thing influencers see.

Create a Theme

Having a theme makes it easier for audiences to connect with your PR box. It gives a reason as to why you’re showing your box to the world. 

It also helps with storytelling. You get to state what the inspiration is behind the box. The theme could be as simple as celebrating a milestone in your company.

Add a Message

Thank you cards allow you to show your gratitude toward influencers and those who took the time to watch the unboxing video. Use these cards to explain why you’re reaching out to the community.

These can also cement the relationship between you and the influencers. This opens the door for potential collaborations in the near future.

Include Talking Points

Talking points help make your message consistent across all videos featuring your PR boxes. You’re probably going to send PR boxes to more than one person. If you don’t provide talking points, their videos will feel disjointed.

It also helps recipients understand what makes your products special. It saves influencers from having to do research which leaves more time to focus on reviewing your product.

What Products to Include in a PR Box

Most business owners would include a selection of their most popular products. But those aren’t your only options. 

For instance, you could introduce new products to your target market. Giving away limited-edition items is another common PR tactic. You could also give away branded merchandise like shirts, caps, or keychains.

If you’ve collaborated with another brand, that’s worth sharing with influencers — especially if you’re working with a company that’s relevant to the influencers’ niche.

Whatever products you decide to send, you still need to keep a few things in mind.

Use Good Product Packaging

Product boxes are different from PR boxes. The former is the packaging you use to hold and present a product. These need to be just as good as the PR box you’re going to use. It would be better if you use the same colors and design just to keep the branding consistent.

Custom Candle Boxes by Bethel & Co.
Custom Candle Boxes by Bethel & Co.

Make Them Camera-Ready

Your boxes will be featured on different social media pages and YouTube channels. Some might even livestream the unboxing experience on Twitch. So before you send your boxes to influencers, be sure that your packaging is camera-ready.

Consider Outer Packaging

It’s not that uncommon to find PR boxes inside economy shipping boxes. It’s a simple and affordable way of making sure that the PR box itself isn’t damaged during shipping. You can also try poly mailers if your PR box isn’t that big.

Aesthetic Stationery Bubble Mailers by Unicorn Eclipse
Aesthetic Stationery Bubble Mailers by Unicorn Eclipse

Set a Budget

It’s so easy to go overboard when putting a PR box together. That’s why you have to set a budget for yourself. Don’t send products worth thousands of dollars if you’re not sure about the kind of return you’re getting for your investment.

Provide a Promo Code

Sometimes seeing your products isn’t enough for viewers. They need one incentive to get them to make a purchase. Promo codes should do the trick. Have influencers introduce your code to their followers to get them to convert into paying customers.

Give Freebies

Give influencers freebies that they could either keep for themselves or give away to their audience. These don’t need to be expensive. You could include a bunch of stickers in the PR package, for example. 


A PR box should look like it’s custom-made for the influencers who are going to receive them. You have to include the products you’re trying to promote, a few talking points, a thank you note, a promo code (if you have one), and extra goodies just to keep things exciting.

It should be noted that PR boxes are just as good for subscription packaging.

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